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    I have read so many good points here!

    Weapon Weight, body armor and ghillie should not only have influence on detectability/threat factor,stealth and hitpoints but also influence on stamina and draw(aim)/switch/reload (general handling) speeds
    (to add some negatives and drawback considerations for balancing)

    Smoke grenades - oh yes (replace some other gadget if its a problem of slots); Sometimes you need cover to disengage;

    Generally it is too easy to get from A to B, because:
    - all accessible fast-travel;
    - summoning the all-mighty rebel chopper fleet;
    Force me to hike/carjack/explore creating unexpected engagements/encounters (add foot patrols, add mobile checkpoints/roadblocks)

    Reduce the Rebels (when maxed out)

    Make choppers (and armored vehicles) more resistant to fire, generally more threatening (but make them detect you harder). They are just not a threat as they were at the start of the game when I remember to be "hunted" by a chopper. But make their respawning limited.
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    My top priority is 8 player Co-op, it would be so cool to have a little squad with different roles.

    Since I like roleplaying with friends, the following would be really useful for such players:

    - Let us set roles for players which show up under their name. These should be customizable by the host or the player.. This is just a cosmetic change and doesn't have to have
    an effect on gameplay.

    - Add the ability to empty a weapon slot

    - Make LMGs suppress the enemy (Those in cover should stay there and enemies in open area should quickly look for cover and stop shooting)

    - Let players draw on the map, maybe even show it on minimap

    I hope you add some of these suggestions! I really like this game, even after having played every mission at least a hundred times and these additions would be the cherry on top of the best ice cream ever made!

    PS: plz fix G33 flipup animation :P
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    Daily stats

    Is it possible to create a daily or session stats in game, and maybe the overall improvement in kd and WL ratios in this particular session.
    And improve the anti-cheats because I'm seeing the same players cheating constantly without ban.
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    No i don't think so
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    I don't think this would happen but man it would be amazing. I have longed for a console version of Arma 3 and even in it's current state GRW is the closest game to it. But this idea would be amazing
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    More personalization content

    HI, Folks,

    We love this game and all the tom clancy´s series, maybe you can add more content from special operations group in the world, like rainbow six siege, yes i know the icons exist, but i talking about custom gear to personalize our actual character, contenty like Russian army helmets like TSS-81 "Sphere", SSSH-94 "Sphere-S", Maska-1 (Маска-1) Tachanka version(Maska-1SСH) and bulletproof glass version, K6-3 (К6-3) like pubg, 6b7 (6б7), 6b7-1, 6b-1M, 6b27, and gorka 4 suits, weapons like vss vintorez and as val, russian handguns etc,

    i think more camo for the uniforms german camos, russian camos or maybe like the weapons camo, thats will be great

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    Here you go, everyone! Check out our first Q&A of Year 2 here→ http://ghostrecon.com/year2qa
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    Is the new game + possible to implement for the next update? It would add so much replayability, i think it is the biggest request considering pve.
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    Are you guys planning to add more players per team, I mean besides a 4 vs 4, something like 5 vs 5 maps or 6 vs 6 maps, that will be nice since the group chats on PS4 are for 8 people and will make Clans Wars a real Clan construction If we can get them on the same team......please do something with more players by team!!.... thank you for listening to us!!...
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    I myself as well as others would like to see some type of rc car drone to use as a way to disarm a min or of such and to let each of it's same classes pick our own throwables/weapons only if in the same classes also I would like to see this game grow to the potential it has insight of this is one if not the best game I played this is a great game hands down I also would like to see the echelon have a limited use on his sonar capabilities to only 15-20 sec and have a cool down as same as the scout drone I think that sonar Is op the way it is now this game had many ways it can grow and bring more people from other games back I play this game everyday and never miss a day due to being disabled as it helps me escape the reality of my situation I stopped playing other games to only play this ghost recon wildlands ghost wars I have both passes and am looking forward to upcoming updates and can't wait to see the new oparators that have yet to be released just my opinions as well as a lot of others that was requested here in my post that I've stated above please give us an update to when we will get our new oparators thanks in advance for your time and consideration in these matters sincerely THE GHOSTS OF THE WILDLANDS
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