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    I realize Far Cry 5 has just come out (and I enjoyed it quite a bit), but the sooner ideas are posted before development on another begins, the better.

    I've always felt Far Cry has had great combat, gunplay, and stealth mechanics, but also felt it could benefit from adopting more RPG elements from Fallout or Deus Ex, and allow players to get through situations through diplomacy instead of violence. This would not have worked in the past few Far Cry games because there were enemy factions, like cults and radicals, who would not have been turned by reason. This could be fixed by returning to a Far Cry 2 like setting, where there are multiple factions, but the player character begins neutral, and can either choose to work with, oppose, or manipulate the different factions.

    One setting that could allow for this is a fictional country based on Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Yemen is fairly politically unstable country with inter-tribal conflicts, Saudi Arabian occupation, and foreign terrorist occupation. These different factions could allow for an interesting story and player options.

    The player character could be an American or British journalist who becomes trapped in the country when a Coup occurs, and the new regime does not recognize the authority of foreign embassies. Additionally, the region is too unstable and dangerous for a rescue or evacuation. The player must find and rescue the members of the film crew and find a way to escape the country, but can video record events that occur between factions. The player can choose what events get broadcast to paint whatever picture of the conflicts they want to paint, or use the footages to persuade or manipulate the factions.

    There would be a Deus Ex style dialogue system where the player must psychoanalyze a person and select the most effective persuasion tactics. The player can gain or lose trust with a faction based on their actions, i.e showing aggression, agreeing to carry out a mission, show or feign sympathy through dialogue, etc. Additionally, the player can choose whether their character actually sympathizes with a faction, simply uses a faction to achieve his or her own ends, or manipulate conflicts or induce peace between factions. Factions could include: CIA, Saudi Arabia-esque military (US allies, but questionable occupation in the country), two conflicting native tribes, and foreign occupying terrorist group like ISIS. The player chooses how they want to interact with each faction, and the story and endings would be affected by the choices.

    The interactions with the factions will be what leads to either opportunities to escape the country, or ultimately choose to stay. Combat and stealth would largely remain the same, but there would be more emphasis on social interactions like in Fallout or Deus Ex.

    Imagine having a large city based on Sanaa, Yemen in the South of the map, some villages, oases, desert, caves, and mountains regions scattered throughout, and a modern Dubai like city in the North of the map, with buildings to infiltrate, and rooftops to use the grappling hook, wingsuit, or parachute off of. I think that would be a cool setting.

    What settings or ideas does anyone else have for the next Far Cry?
    I like that style of gameplay where there are multiple factions and you can work with which ever one to be the victor of the war. Its very similar to Mercenaries in some ways. I also believe the next Far Cry needs to have a more serious and emotional tone/atmosphere as well as a psychopathic, sometimes goofy, and tragic villain similar to Vaas needs to be featured.
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    Make Far Cry Great Again

    Never, in a million years should Ubi shove more contrived, and out of place RPG mechanics in to yet another franchise of theirs. It sucked big time in New Dawn, and is evident in the most deserving poor sales. Lackluster RPG elements are what ruined Assassin's Creed with the release of Origins and the farce that is Odyssey. As it stands, Ubi needs to return Far Cry to an Island Survival setting if they want to save this franchise from the brink of mediocrity.

    Far Cry 2 was my favorite for the design philosophy --- 3, Blood Dragon, 4, and Primal all were stellar for their respective gameplay innovations and QoL improvements, minus the skill trees and RPG-lite stuff. Just marry these modern FPS QoL standards with the grit of Far Cry 2 and set it on some Island similar to Hawaii. It has insane environmental diversity: From snow capped mountains, to arid plains, dense jungles, and tropical beaches. Then throw in a bustling city for some new Urban Jungle mayhem.

    Remove magic mini maps, enemy marking, skill trees, perks. etc. Make it about surviving staggering odds against a lethal human force, hostile local fauna, and mother nature herself. The next entry needs to look at the definition of the series "Far Cry", which means "very different from". The next game should be just that, different. It should make you sit at the edge of your seat and fear the natural, bestial, and human forces all coming to get you. Equip the player with a fun arsenal and a unique set of tools to overcome these obstacles. Not with Perk Cards, Skill trees and Super Special Abilities to unlock. That's shallow design masquerading as deep and meaningful. Skill should be fostered through playing, by way of studying the enemy and finding what works best for you to persevere.

    Paired with some quality antagonists, protagonists and solid world building, we could finally see Far Cry retake the FPS Survival throne. Look to the past Ubi, and you will see that greatness was there all along.
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    Originally Posted by angryfudgepop Go to original post
    Either Australia, Brazil or somewhere in the middle east. I do think South America could be a very cool location for the next game. I think they should have the next map be like Just Cause 3. One section be Jungle, the next be desert, the next be snowy, and the other be plains.
    I see you're a man of culture as well
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    I've mostly played parts 3 and 4, finished 5th game and tasted 1 and 2 so my opinion is maybe a little deviated, but...


    My proposition - map inspired by Canary Islands. There is moon-like Lanzarote, desert - Fuerteventura, other islands with forrests, Teide - largest mountain (pretty volcano) on Atlantic ocean... Could fit many tastes and recover some water transport that gone to margin in 4 and 5. Map should be bigger - even if everyone was telling how large 5th map was, one large mountain + one third of map covered by flat meadow seemed like it was small and tight. 4th fc did it great - lots of hills, deserted areas like some cliffs, waterfalls... It all made map feel large.
    Btw - i'd love to have some urban enviroinment and some large deserted scientific complex.


    I loved more linear approach with story directly related to protagonist. 5th game lost most of immersion in my opinion. I've been playing as some deputy, running somewhere, doing some tasks, which led me to some auto-missions. 4th game had great balance - limited choice, but all with great consistency, and it all was personal. Signature mission and drugs could also match the game.


    I always liked how the game plays. I'd love some tweaks here and there (like faster cars, atv giving more freedom in off road riding).
    The major things to tweak would be crafting system - wallet made of 4 rhinos? Come on. We don't need jazzy ammo case made of last living cougar etc. Having a need for balance in that matter could be interesting - limited resources, even anger and agression by local people met, when not keeping the "eco" approach.
    Having access to weapons should be tweaked as well - I didn't like fighting with ak47 to get cannons only when there were no enemies and story left.
    One more thing - planes and helicopters with weapons didn't fit to the series. Small fc4 heli was enough. There was a Crysis mod - paradise lost, which had just one armed chopper sometimes used for patrols. That was nice - looking for supplies and keeping an eye for sudden rain of heavy bullets shot by the chopper.


    I'd love mercs, or black ops, skilled and organised, well cooperating military personel as a main enemy. Maybe some rebels as antagonists similar to ones from previous parts.

    That's all
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    I hope the next Far Cry will have trains you can ride on or destroy if they are used by enemies.
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    I'm coming up with ideas for a Far Cry Medieval game. They'll be posted in this Forum as soon as I complete everything I have been working on. I really want this to happen. I have put a lot of thought into it. It's just been taking me awhile to finish everything
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    Far Cry Amazon

    I know the title may seem a little crazy especially now with what has happned there recently but just hear me out guys it's just an ideea. The video game industry is getting bigger and bigger these days and a new far cry set in the Amazonian jungle mai seem crazy but if you guys would make this game and lets say you donate like 30% or 20% of the income for the lets say helping the amazonian jungle because belive they really need help in bringing that place back to normal (maybe not in our life time) but still it is for a good cause and it will bring more fans and apreciation of gamers world wide. Think about it guys a gamer would save the amazonian jungle in the game and actually do a good thing for it in real life by buying the game. As plot and script i would have a good ideea of making it but only if agree to this if not well please guys dont get mad at me it is just an ideea. I really dont expect nothing from this it would just be a personal satisfaction that i did someting good in the right place.

    PS: Love Far Cry games and that is why i came to you guys with this suggestion. Peace guys!
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