We are happy to announce that Transference will be at a special panel at the E3 Coliseum! Featuring an in-depth interview with Elijah Wood, SpectreVision and Ubisoft Montreal, this panel presentation will deliver new details on our psychological thriller video game! Transference is designed to bridge the gap between film and game, and we are eager to showcase the unique hybrid experience developed through close cooperation between these two entertainment powerhouses.

Here is a link to the Official E3 announcement: https://twitter.com/E3/status/989142457681137664

We're shifting the release window to Fall of 2018 to give our teams extra time to refine and polish the overall experience and ensure that the haunting atmosphere of Transference leaves you unsettled and uneasy.

We'll have more info to share soon, so be sure to follow Ubisoft and UbisoftVR​ on Twitter so you don't miss anything!​​