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    Hello there, can you please check my situation cause I've been playing nicely for more than 4 years and when my phone updates from android 9 to 10 I get butch banned with the dark background, please help?
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    Baneado que les pasa???

    Soy Andres GTi piloto de carreras compre un telefono Samsung A51 y para mi sorpresa que desinstale el juego de mi P20 Lite para traspasarlo en mi nuebmvo Movil lo intale y le dije que sincronizara mi cuenta.. Porque no bloquean a todos esos hijueputas hackers que vuelan y tienen records de pista cuando no es verdad o a todos esos malditos pilotos que se llaman guest que son tramposos usan hacks de monedas y de gemas.. Llevo jugando desde hace unos 5 o mas años y me van a bannear porque cambie de telefono me arreglan ya esa mierda porque yo he pagado paquetes con mi dinero o devuelvanme mi dinero para no entablar una demanda en mi pais contra ustedes Andres GTi espero una solución pronta no sea tarugos.
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    Delete the game and download it from official appstore. Sometimes downloading it from backup can cause it to become screwed. Sometimes unbans your account. Hope it helps
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    Hello everyone,

    If you wish to appeal your ban, or discuss it with the team, you can contact the mobile games team via our support site here. Before doing so, please do try the troubleshooting recommendations made throughout this thread, in case your ban is simply the result of a visual error, or an invalid version of the game being installed from an unauthorised source.

    Please bear in mind that contacting the team carries no guarantee of further information about the ban's reasoning being provided, or the sanction being removed, and if you are confirmed to have breached the EULA, your ban will remain in place.
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    Hello captain
    So I've played the game for quite a while and I really enjoy it. Then for a month or two I didn't play the game. Today I tried to play again but find that I have been banned? I have downloaded the game from the google playstore and nowhere else and have done nothing that violates the user agreement etc. I doubt I will get any help regarding this issue but if there is someone still here who could help I would be very grateful. I do love the game and it's sad to be falsely banned for cheating.
    Thank you.
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    I was banned unfairly


    I logged in to the game this morning and apparently I was just banned. I don't know why I was banned. I never downloaded the game from unofficial sources or tried to cheat. The ban message says that I was banned for using two phones, or something to that effect. By the way, my IGN was ARG468, I believe, but I'm not too sure because I can't check it now.

    I created the account almost 6 years ago and played for some months. I never played since, but about a month ago I got curious and decided to download it. I started playing without an account, I didn't create one or log in to my old account. But about three weeks ago, I logged into my old account. I lost all the progress I made in those weeks without logging in and reverted to what I had 6 years ago. I've continued to play and now I got banned. Admittedly, I did change phone about 3 years ago, but I don't understand why would that not be allowed.

    Another weird thing that happened was that, about three weeks ago, already with my old account, I played in the midnight circuit. The problem was that I intentionally did bad in the run in order to make it easier to complete the mission of going up in the ranks (it was my first time playing). But I never got to play again, and I've never been able to play in the midnight circuit since. I never thought much of it at the time, but now looking back, it may have something to do with the ban.

    Again, I've never tried to hack or cheat, I'm not a cheater. I don't know why I was banned and I really would appreciate some help to get me unbanned or, at least, to know why I got banned. Also, sorry if something was difficult to understand, English isn't my first language.

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    Unblock please

    Dear developers, I have been making game purchases for a long time. The game was installed on a tablet. When I installed it on my phone and logged in, I got a ban because I played on both devices.
    Unblock please
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    there is no hope. reinstall the game from playstore and you will get your unban. this is protection which was implemented to avoid other appstores.

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    Banned after purchasing a new mobile device

    I bouhgt a new mobile and tried to play TF on it. But as soon as I tried to register with my Google Account,
    I was banned. How can I keep on playing?

    Originally Posted by CaptainWeelie Go to original post
    Hello there,

    We respect Riders in the Frontier and take Leaderboard integrity very seriously.
    Players who use unfair means to play the game will not be tolerated anymore and banned from the game.

    We’ve given some reasons below for why you would / could be banned from accessing the entire game permanently.
    You’ve violated our End User License Agreement (EULA) by –
    • Downloading the game from any source apart from the official stores
    • Trying to Hack the game Servers
    • Trying to ‘speed-hack’
    • Trying to hack the in-game Inventory
    • Trying to reach on the top of the Leaderboards by any other unfair means

    If you've indulged in one of the above, we’re afraid to tell you that you’ve been permanently banned from the game and all your previous records will be deleted.
    We encourage you to start afresh with no cheating involved.

    Ride Safe!
    Capn’ Weelie!
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    Just redownload the game on my new device and discover I've been banned !
    I dont understand why !
    Can you please let me access to the game ?
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