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    Hello there, can you please check my situation cause I've been playing nicely for more than 4 years and when my phone updates from android 9 to 10 I get butch banned with the dark background, please help?
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    Baneado que les pasa???

    Soy Andres GTi piloto de carreras compre un telefono Samsung A51 y para mi sorpresa que desinstale el juego de mi P20 Lite para traspasarlo en mi nuebmvo Movil lo intale y le dije que sincronizara mi cuenta.. Porque no bloquean a todos esos hijueputas hackers que vuelan y tienen records de pista cuando no es verdad o a todos esos malditos pilotos que se llaman guest que son tramposos usan hacks de monedas y de gemas.. Llevo jugando desde hace unos 5 o mas años y me van a bannear porque cambie de telefono me arreglan ya esa mierda porque yo he pagado paquetes con mi dinero o devuelvanme mi dinero para no entablar una demanda en mi pais contra ustedes Andres GTi espero una solución pronta no sea tarugos.
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    Delete the game and download it from official appstore. Sometimes downloading it from backup can cause it to become screwed. Sometimes unbans your account. Hope it helps
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    Hello everyone,

    If you wish to appeal your ban, or discuss it with the team, you can contact the mobile games team via our support site here. Before doing so, please do try the troubleshooting recommendations made throughout this thread, in case your ban is simply the result of a visual error, or an invalid version of the game being installed from an unauthorised source.

    Please bear in mind that contacting the team carries no guarantee of further information about the ban's reasoning being provided, or the sanction being removed, and if you are confirmed to have breached the EULA, your ban will remain in place.
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