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    PLZ Returning The Old Just Dance Now.

    It's Very Annoying Since Just Dance Now Only Had 300 Coins Per 2 Day Or 200 Coins Per Day. And Also Only Able To Be Play Up To 3 Times. Plz Make The Other Way Such 10 Coins For Rent A Song Type Or 300 Coins For Bought The Song Type. It Will Make People Wanna Play The Game. And Also For VIP It Will Able To Open All Song Until VIP Period Is Over. For Bonus. Always Deploy Easter Egg Code For A Bonus. Don't Forget To Able Facebook And Uplay User Able To Play This Game Like JD Unlimited Change To VIP On JD Now. ETC
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums, Hafizdkren.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions with us.
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    Trust me, they need to make the money somehow.
    And doing the "300 coins for buying a song" will be fruitless to them because people already have a selection of songs they like and they'll just log on to the game after 2 consecutive days and redeem it, so it is far fetched.
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