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    Crash after 5-10min in MP

    Hello everybody, I bought this game yesterday and play 1h the campaign but if i start to play with my girlfriend online my game crashed after round about 5-10min.

    My PC:
    IntelCore I5
    NVidea GTX 1070
    32GB ram
    Win 10
    Bought about Steam

    Error description:
    1. Start the game
    2. Join (accept the invite) the lobby
    3. Start a 1on1 with default maps
    4. Play the first map 2 times
    5. New Map start
    6. My gameplay/screen is jerky/shacking
    7. Crash with "trials_fusion.exe stopped working"

    Can anyone help me pls?

    Best regards
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    if you install win7 the problem ceases, you can try yet install old nvidia drivers.
    I had the same problem.
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    but driver?

    I can test some but thats not the right way...
    Is there any list of driver they are support?
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    Listen, I've tried everything, helped me format and installation of win7.
    As I returned to win10 a few days was ok but the problem came back.
    I think the problem lies in the win10 or nvidia drivers updates
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    Thank you for your help.

    In my opinion this is no solution for me to install Win7 or try 1000x other nvidea driver.
    I refunded the game and hope anyone can give me a more defined answer.
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