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    @Ubi-JollyCharile why is this thread still stickied when no new updates have been posted to the community? I'm sure we'd all like to hear updates from the Ubisoft team more frequently than we are all currently recieving them. This thread seems dead without current development update.
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    This thread seems out of place stickied, as No new updates are being posted.

    Any news on Things Arcade PVP Desperately needs?:

    Making Lobbies Pop with 2 or 4 players instead of 6+ ?

    Making spawn invincibility shorter or disappear with movement or firing?

    Ability to make Private Lobbies Public?

    Actual ability to join a game in progress?

    Ability to join a player in a lobby without backing out of a game?

    Ability to join a player in game via the launcher, or Shift+F2 Menu without making them quit their arcade session, or back out?

    Ability to join a game with more than 1 person in a group?

    Ability to Votekick an obvious troll, spammer or hacking cheater?

    Note: It seems like some of the people invited to Montreal got to see more than even what we currently have in Arcade; is there a roadmap, a game-plan or any other evidence of work being completed on FAR CRY 5 Arcade, or did you guys make 310 million dollars on Single Player, and thus the Multiplayer Community rightly should feel left out in the cold?

    [U]The community would also like to see:

    New Game Modes, like Domination, Conquest, CTF, KOTH or Last Man Standing BR?

    Text Chat: I mean, why can't I type?

    In-game Voice Chat settings *(Currently cannot mute spammers, feedback, screamers etc)

    Fix the Map Picking Bug (Too soon, map poofs)

    Voting on Weapon Lock-outs (Yeah, some people hate Rocket launchers, Noob Tubes and Shotties, Would be nice to vote on it instead of preclude ourselves from certain maps.)

    Are you just expecting us to buy Far Cry 6?
    Because unless some of this gets addressed...
    We probably won't.
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    I agree with the rest of the community a new mode like adding coop quickplay lobbies so you can play journey against a random person and race them. Public lobbies so creators have a chance to play and create the most they can with other people. There has to be some kind of update focusing on the map maker community. We are your silver bar market i would buy dlc if ubisoft is listening to the concerns with online.
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    Is ANYONE going to respond to this?
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    Spawn shield will be fixed: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...1#post13558838
    They're working on a private lobby browser.
    People invited to MTL didn't get to see more.
    Text chat (on PC) won't be implemented, we have uPlay for that apparently.
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    UPDATE: Check out these amazing patch notes....

    Drops tomorrow.

    It appears UBI LISTENS.


    And the ability to host an OPEN GAME:


    HAPPY F----N 4th of July!
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