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    STR building track contest

    Hi folks,

    Few weeks ago, I organized on building track contest, on the french Trials , called STR (for Save The Rabbit).
    Past weekend we released a bunch of tracks, called STR : nameofthetrack

    All the track are not release yet, because of the PS4 servers issues, and some of tracks on XB1 are not released yet (because of laziness I guess) but you can still play some of them.
    Here is a list with some of the tracks released not long ago, you can look for them by GT, or by name :

    > STR : ZEN (by Attila999)
    > STR:VELO (by THDTE) with no spaces around the ":"
    > STR : Call of Pripyat (by Chaaampy)
    > STR : nassau (by ramchandra6)
    > STR : The Guarddians City (by XXX Steph59 XXX)
    > STR : Ebony (by HpDante)
    > STR : Marina (by Yuda59)
    > STR : Back Home (by Freezz)
    > STR : The Last Shadow (by kronenb)
    > STR : Oatmeal (by Coupain Goutier)
    > STR : ABANDONED (by Pwaro)
    > STR : Chess/mat (by SpLyzZeR11)

    I'll make a compilation video on my YT channel when the PS4 servers will be fixed.
    I'll also update this post when some tracks will come again.

    Another french contest will come soon I think

    Enjoy !
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    thank you champy, I sent messages to everyone I think to congratulate them, a very good vintage! a beautiful contest .... a beautiful central track !!!

    the next Contest is: TWT ????
    (trials world tour, lol)
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    Thanks Attila, yeah it was a great contest

    I already know what will be the next contest, kind of similar to that one

    PS : Added > STR : Chess/mat (by SpLyzZeR11)
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