The Shogun Welcomes You…

”Both the victor and the vanquished are but drops of dew, but bolts of lightning-thus should we view the world” ~Ouchi Yo****aka

Ages: 18+
System: Xbox One

Long ago, the clan of Haiku Samurai was prosperous and mighty. Clan wars were rarely lost, raid completions were abundant, we had a society built on friendship and teamwork. Now we are expanding to several new territories and seek to fill our ranks!

Any and all skill levels are welcome!

Haiku Gaming is a multi-game community looking to plant a solid banner in the gaming world. Most of us come from a Destiny and D2 background, but also each have our own niches that came together to make this group. Additionally we have a squad of Samurai that act as sherpas or guides on our path to Honor, we call them our Seiseibushi and they are always ready and willing to lead you to glory and loot. You can apply directly for a guide position or general member, either is fine.

We all have jobs, families, education etc to attend to and this clan was built with that in mind. We appreciate video games as a form of escapism, to unwind & relax. We offer a community of players who feel the same.

We keep our numbers moderate to further cement the sense of community, friendship & camaraderie but also to make sure we have someone on if you need a hand.

We don't care how many raids you've run or what your K/D is.

What we do care about is getting along and having some fun together.

If you have any questions, just send a message to either Shogun of Haiku(Founder), Shane2133(Admin/Kodenbushi), or Avecyn(Admin/Kodenbushi) on xbox live.


• We use Band messaging app to co-ordinate. You will need this!. It's free from your app store or via a Web browser. Here's the link for our main chat:

• Don't be a tool. We have many ways to define a tool. Core definitions include, but are not limited to; a know-it-all, an irritable hot-head, a show off or one who cannot take guidance.

• We're a team. Be a team player. If someone has done you a solid, look to return it. We don't encourage “No, I won't help you run this as I’ve already done it”.

• We do ask that you stay active. This doesn't mean you have to play everyday, but staying active in the clan chat is a must!

We look forward to you joining our ranks!