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    Seriously no feedback? These forums SUCK

    I posted a showcase of a level that took me like 70 hours and asked for feedback and haven’t gotten one ****ing comment... I see comments on **** flat levels but nothing on a level with some actual chops. This forum is ********.
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    I understand your frustration, but i'm not sure that the swearing part could help your behaviour.
    I let you a reply but for some weird reason your thread did not came up.

    PS : ha, now it works, forum is quite buggy it seems, it doesn't always refresh data in real time and has some weird delay
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    Dude, you have to be patient. I have every intention of playing you map (I favorited it when your map's topic popped Friday), but I have limited video game time. Since 4/20, all that time has been devoted to completing my map. Now that my map is complete, I will try other maps next time I can play FC5 (which could very well be a few days). Your map is on that list. But perhaps you can also give feedback on other people's maps. Do onto others as they would do onto you, and all.
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    I do give people feedback on maps. I just but the bullet and joined a Facebook group and it’s a lot easier to post there and get feedback and find people to group up with to play.
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    Why’s everyone getting upset about curse words lately? They’re words, get over it, it’s expressive. It’s like adding sprinkles on a donut. Besides they’re *’ed out are you THAT sensitive that stars offend you?
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    How about you shut the **** up and get off the ****ing forums with that kind of attitude. See, it's not nice is it being talked to like that. What age are you, 5?
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