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    anno 1701 island editor (anno 1701 developers please read)

    Hi everyone, and dear anno 1701 developers,

    Recently, i've been looking for a anno 1701 Island Editor and seems no-one of the fans managed to make a fully working editor yet
    But however I keep stumbling on part 3 of the anno 1701 developer diary which explains how islands were designed and the article's images show a island editing utility being used by the developers: http://anno.de.ubi.com/devdiary.php?...evdiary_1701_3

    I contacted support about this program and asked if it could be released 10 years after releasing the game, but they kindly suggested to post here at these official forums to get an better answer on this topic, so I hope that someone at 1701AD HQ would like to release the program shown here for the greatest of anno 1701 fans like me

    Lately I've been heavily modding the game and am making some really cool new content with an extreme apocalyptic scenario where you must survive in a world that is crumbling away under your feet!

    It also shows several new modding techniques like editing the rda_console.ini to load additional edited game content without needing to alter the installation of the game and transfer 100s of megabytes of data in RDA's, also some tests reduced the DEAP 1701 mod under 5MB transfer size!

    Editing islands has been the one real limitation in anno 1701 and I would supermuch love to get this editor to my disposal, so I can make new cool content for the game that everyone can enjoy.


    Some screenshots I made, first one showing a meteor impact testing script with maximum devastating effect, also still working on it, the second screenshot shows custom edited AI profiles making it possible to have 5 computer players, must still add ramirez the pirate on slot 14 and neutral powers on slot 16

    Ive been working on this thing for almost a month now, and I really hope the island editor gets released for 1701, so I can make my own islands and also add craters textures to existing islands

    Thanks in advance!!
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    You might not get any help here, But you might get some help here.


    PM the guy S.D. there is some people that make mods and other things. Plus if it doesn't ask you to translate to English just right click on the header and it gives you the option.
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    I already tried that about 2,5 weeks back, after several contact attempts no reply from him or anyone else on the site, also I am referring to the developer tool that was used by anno's designteam and not third party software.
    Also ubisoft's support team told me that I should contact the developers here on these forums.

    I understand that you try to be helpful, but the option you suggested was already tried out plus S.D mentioned in a earlier forum post that he is nolonger interested in anno 1701 anymore anyways
    Also annopool has noone who can help me either nor any other active anno community I found so far.

    I just really hope that a (former) anno 1701 developer, designer or any other authorized person might answer my question if it could be possible to get the island editing utility that was shown in the images in the developer blog of anno 1701.
    Even if the straight answer is No, then I atleast know what my odds will be on being able to design my own islands in anno 1701.

    Thanks for replying by the way, I understand your trying to help me, but there are really and unfortunately no third party solutions anymore
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    Good Luck on this forum. This is basically a dead forum. Ubisoft really didn't have anything to do with 1701 or the add-on. They bought only 30% of the rights to Related Designs in 2007. They really didn't take complete control till 2013.

    But I see this guys name pop up and you could try him Chris Sawyer. He has a site. http://www.chrissawyergames.com/
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    wow thanks for that thorough search, but who exactly is this person? a (ex) developer of anno 1701?
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    well not sure what you tried to link, but I'll continue my efforts on obtaining a island editor for anno 1701
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    What I was linking you too is to show that Chris Sawyer did have something to with the Anno Games.
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    ahh now I get it, I saw that he can't be directly contacted via his site, so I have to see if I can contact him in other ways

    thanks for all the help
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    Hi, is there any updates?
    A few years ago, there was Sir Henry's Island Editor for 1602, unfortunately for 1701 only RDA unpacker/repacker, I also searched for it but I can't find such a program for 1701, I'm sure you've visited links below, but maybe other readers can help to contact these persons:


    I hope you get what you want and please share it here if you find something.
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