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    Originally Posted by SunflameMcMahon Go to original post
    I have the exact same issue, no Fast Travel, no manual saving, and I don't have any main quests active to be accepted.
    I accumulated enough resistance points to get Jacob to come after me, followed by a notification "You're being hunted". Soon after I started a Clutch Nixon challenge "Lord of the Wings". However whilst listening to the pre-challenge briefing I got captured by Jacob's men.
    This lead to the cutscene starting where Jacob has the main character behind bars and Joseph is just about to come to have a chat, but suddenly I get a notification "Your time ran out" or something to that effect. Screen goes black again, during the cutscene, and game reloads the main character on top of a mountain. I finish the Clutch Nixon challenge which now restarted assuming I'd get recaptured soon enough, but sure enough this never happened.
    The game still thinks I'm going through "We Must Be Strong", even though I haven't even cleared the cutscene yet, nor do I seem to have an access to the cutscene anymore. The Clutch Nixon challenge got completed on my part, so there's no rings there to be cleared. I tried making my way to Jacob's compound as well as the location you come out of the mission at to see if the game would snap me back to the mission, but this wasn't the case either.
    I really.. really.. really hope I don't have to restart the entire game and lose dozens of hours of progress because of an in-game glitch...
    If anyone has any tips, please. Help.
    I have EXACTLY the same issue.
    20+ hours wasted.

    P.S. I play on PC.
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    Ubi-Swaggins's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey antena_nashi,

    I am sorry to hear that.

    This has been passed onto the dev team, but in the meantime, all we can advise is that if you have an earlier save backed up to rollback to that.
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    Any update?

    I had the same exact issue, was being hunted for the 3rd Jacob level, but clicked into a Clutch Nixon game at the same time. Finished the Clutch Nixon game but then I couldnít fast travel and nothing is saving. I completed a main mission, and it saved after that, but any progress outside of that isnít saved. I have completed John and Faithís regions, Iíd nearly completed Jacobís, itís been a long time and I donít want to lose my game progress. Really devastated, has this been resolved?
    (This is on ps5)
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    Hi SammyDoo92,

    Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear you encountered that issue.

    Just to confirm, any side activities now completed don't track the progress, but you're able to continue with the main story?
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