Opreax Cup 2018 on 28.4.2018, 19:00 CEST in room "Opreax" with nice rewards in Trackmania TURBO PC!

Opreax invites you to the Trackmania Turbo tournament "Opreax Cup 2018" where drivers will have to prove their skills in every enviroment and styles like: tech, drift, smash, platform, trial, offroad, dark and fullspeed.

Tournament is scheduled for 28.4.2018 19:00 CET in room "Opreax".

1st - Turbo key + mug + shirt
2nd - shirt + poster + mug
3rd - shirt + poster + sticker

To download and train all 25 tournament maps use this link: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...-Tracks-Opreax

Besides of it, Opreax released new map after one year. The Volcano is dark-fullspeed canyon map with lava scenery inside of volcanic mountain and has been made exclusively for Opreax Cup 2018.
Watch trailer on youtube: https://youtu.be/cXJ0H2M1jxI