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    Hey guys, Just released my 3rd Team Death Match level for FarCry 5 Arcade called "Arid". PC Platform.

    Arid - https://far-cry-arcade.ubi.com/en-gb...e0392790e90c3c

    My previous 2 released levels are both TDM and are called "FarCreek" and "Mezzo". PC Platform.

    Mezzo - https://far-cry-arcade.ubi.com/en-gb...e039507412ec6d

    FarCreek - https://far-cry-arcade.ubi.com/en-gb...a9bb3c84312df1

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    Just played Space Centre, very satisfying map
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    Explosion Town, Arena Hardcore, Donkey Kong Country(Should be good to go), Marios good, and check out the 007 Bond maps.
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    I'm a fan of Edge of Nowhere by Alli197taxyfish, originally created for Xbox One but ported to PC by MapSwapper.

    The environment in this map is beautifully designed and I enjoy the emphasis on platforming gameplay. This map actually reminds me a lot of one of the later levels in Uncharted 4, though I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a homage to or remake of that.
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    Is this stilll being used?
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    Originally Posted by Sakrateri Go to original post
    Is this stilll being used?
    Listing your favorite maps doesn't hurt, but I don't think maps are still being featured in the game.

    I'd like to think the closest we have to that is my MapSwapper project, where we're porting maps across platforms for everyone to enjoy.
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    There are some excellent maps in Far Cry 5 Arcade and it would be great to advise the map creators how their maps could be improved instead of just giving a "Like" when the game is completed.
    Some maps have awesome scenery which must have taken hours to create, but the game play is far too easy to complete. I like "Outpost" of all the different styles.
    Ron Weeks
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