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    Oso's BAD Track Building Competition!

    For years, Trials riders have created, shared, and played incredible custom tracks of astounding quality. And these tracks, I think it's reasonable to say, are art. Because they are creative and make you FEEL something. These tracks make us feel all sorts of emotion, such as the wonder of experiencing a brand new world that a creator has formed around a track, or the excitement of an incredibly well developed and fresh driving line.

    However, some tracks make us feel other types of emotions, those of confusion, anger, disgust, disbelief, and dissapointment. But are those not
    perfectly valid emotions as well. Aren't these tracks also... ART?

    The BAD tracks of the Trials World are tracks that I believe are fundamentally underepresented and underappreciated for what they are, and it is
    because of this, that today, on World Art Day, I am announcing:


    Starting today, April 15th, and ending three weeks from now, May 5th, I will be accepting submissions for this BAD TRACK BUILDING COMPETITION.

    Track Name: begin name with the tag BAD

    Track Length: Any

    Track Theme: Open (no theme required)

    DLC: All DLC allowed

    Bikes: Any

    Difficulty: Beginner to Ninja Level 1

    No team builds, individual builders only

    Now what makes a bad track, bad? Well unfortunately, that isn't a very easy question to answer, but those of you who have played a lot of trials
    may be able to call upon your memories of what made you think "wow this is horrible" in a track, and bring them to life in your own creation.

    But at the end of the day, it will be my personal duty to decide the winners, to decide what tracks are truly the WORST BAD tracks.

    Now full disclosure, this competition is not sponsored or hosted by Redlynx Studios in any way, this is a purely personally organized competition,
    but that being say, I will be giving out PRIZES for the winners.


    1st Place – $30 gift card (XBL, PSN or Steam)

    2nd Place - $20 gift card (XBL, PSN or Steam)

    3rd Place - $10 gift card (XBL, PSN or Steam)

    I will be accepting submissions from PC, PS4, and xBox ONE, but I do not own a console, so if you are on console, make sure to include your username / reddit name / forums name, etc so I can contact you and get you your prize in the event that you are a winner.

    All submissions will be reviewed on stream at www.twitch.tv/Osoguineapig

    Feel free to comment below or send me a message on reddit (/u/Osoguineapig) if you have a question regarding the competition. Happy World Art Day and let the building begin!
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    Tagging Clarification / Update

    Start your track name with [BAD] (in brackets), to differentiate it from the 23 pages of tracks with "Bad" at the start of them already on TC
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    Devils_Demon's Avatar Member
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    PS4 players can't upload tracks so this is an Xbox/PC exclusive contest.
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    So, when is the stream going to start?
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