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    Very poor customer experience

    Iíve had a really horrible customer experience on Uplay these last few weeks. First, my account was hacked. Super annoying and intrusive, but that was fortunately resolved. A couple days after this, all of my games were gone! When I reached out to Ubisoft, they want me to upload receipts for every one of the games they removed from my account. Now Iíve spent hours digging through emails that are years old, finding humble bundle receipts (come on, this is for charity!!!), steam receipts, and giveaway receipts, just to get back the games I once had. It makes me feel like Iím being accused of doing something wrong. Iíve asked for an update multiple times, but I havenít received a response from them in over 10 days. If youíre going to take my games, at least return them in a reasonable amount of time, or give me a clear explanation of why Iím being treated this way.
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    Please private message me your case number and I will be happy to try to find out the status of the case for you.
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