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    PS4 Infinite loading screen Mission to Rome Aya

    Infinite loading screen with Aya after defeating 3 Roman ships on PS4. I cant remember the missions name but it was something along the lines of 'Fallen/rise something or something'. This mission starts after bayek says goodbye to aya on the beach. Has anyone else had this issue? Ive invested to way to much time in this game to loose it now.
    Hope someone can help?
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    ubi--unicorn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi Tigerhero92, please try these steps and see if they help. If they do not, can you create a ticket?
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    Same here!!

    Hey, PS4 user reporting in. Active and ready to give feedback on this major bug for 48 hours.

    Ironic, we’re both experiencing the same GAME BREAKING bug on the same dates, and I just bought the DLC packs. The screen just keeps “LOADING” and music cuts out after the boat battle.

    I’ve tried formatting the hard drive THREE TIMES as recommended, disabling the uplay, reseting the mission with triangle. I’ve legit even unplugged the power supply like one user recommended for this quest. Nothing. I suspect the DLC or recent patch may have broken this quest progression.

    Ubisoft, come on guys, legit had no glitches up until now. This should be an easy fix.

    I’ll be going on vacation for a month in two days, thank the Gods. Maybe a programmer can double check what might be causing this problem and issue a patch and I can finally beat this game by summer?
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    Yup, looks like this is still an issue. Currently staring at a never ending load screen after doing the same mission.
    Sort it out ubisoft, c'mon.

    Update. Got it working. Did all the troubleshooting suggestions, twice, and now it is good to go.
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