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    Michael Fassbender's honest opinion about 'Assassin's Creed'

    The star of 'Alien: Covenant' talks about the poor critics and the terrible box office of 'Assassin's Creed'. He also point out some of the bad things of the movie and sugests how a sequel could be done.

    I think Ubisoft moved on from the movie cast and have been focusing on the TV show
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    The movie was great. About the critics though, it's like the Templar said in the movie, "People no longer care about their civil liberties.They care about their standard of life. The modern world has outgrown notions like freedom. They're content to follow." ~ SW:TFA did so well because all the cameo's are considered QoL and that rehashed style of nostalgic nods, is about as much depth as people want. People totally ignored the fact the 7th SW movie wasn't at all the story they expected in any way.

    If Shaun & Rebecca had just popped their heads in somewhere; perhaps as infiltrators of Abstergo - A little familiar dialogue between them and Boom! Instant hit. Not kidding.

    It's funny, because I read what critics say, and what the general public criticise and debate; whether it's books, movies, music or games, and it genuinely astounds me that all these people debating and knit picking over details never seem to see they are all essentially saying the same thing. It's all a big echo-chamber.

    When you can't identify any objective difference in the testimonies and appraisal of thousands of people online. Then freedom is dead. It's all bandwagon and approval seeking these days. Very sad, it's like people don't know what to think anymore.
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    Very true about the film not having enough references for people. I think people really wanted to see things like Ezio popping up, direct connections to the games etc.

    I personally really enjoy the film, and I like it for how it was separate and disconnected to the main parts of the franchise. I guess that's not for all though. A lot of fans were disappointed theory didn't get big references, and a lot of casual viewers were disappointed they didn't understand the whole Assassins vs Templar background.
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    I'd have felt very jipped if the movie did Ezio a la Han Solo. Hollywood in general is a factory for mediocrity these days. However, sometimes we get really great service for popular franchises from other mediums. Paul Anderson & Mila Jovovichs' Resident Evil series is a modern day Hollywood success story; and Wow! What a finale! ~ but it's what happens when producers and content creators stick to their guns.

    Justin Kurzel did an amazing job with AC and had an incredible cast. Ariane Labed was just stunning, as was Marion Cotillard. Seeing Marion in that pristine white Assassins outfit, for only a split second, but oh how I would love a Print of that shot to frame. I'm still trying to work out what that was about. Is Sophia related to Cal? Or was there another twist? ~ this is why Ubisoft *have* to stick with their vision for the story they started.

    Ultimately, I think it's great when stars and content creators listen to critique. There's a point though, where critique goes too far and they need to switch-off. Which is hard to do when your revenue and adulation, the stuff that keeps you in business; is dependent on them. Too much white noise in an echo chamber, people simply are content to follow and QoL is about what someone doesn't get along with how many others have an "ah-ha!" Moment about it.
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    The Resident Evil film series is absolute ****. I'm not saying it had to stick to just being straightforward adaptations of the games, as that would've been a surefire path to failure, but that it should've done what this film attempted to do: be a standalone story for the casual and uninitiated, and possibly part of the overall mythology occurring in the same universe and not stepping on toes. The events in the Anderson universe can not possibly be happening in the same universe of the games, as far too many details have changed. In addition, the lore of the films is riddled with continuity errors and plot holes, as Anderson simply writes in something he thinks is cool, without taking into account whether it makes any sense whatsoever. Umbrella's motivations for the T-virus outbreak change from film to film, and an entire Mad Max ripoff setting is completely handwaved away as if it never happened. But the primary problem is that the entire series is self-insert fanfiction come to life, with Alice a blatant Mary Sue, completely overpowered to absurd levels, even when she has supposedly been "drained" of her psychic abilities. Game characters are shoehorned in, and given little to work with, with even less of their established personalities and traits featured, leaving fans of the games angry at seeing these individuals acting well out of character. Albert Wesker receives the brunt of this treatment, especially, reducing him to generic at best, incompetent at worst.

    That said, AC the film falls short. It's clear that an active, lengthy experience of 12+ hours total cannot be translated well into a passive 2-hour film, no matter how true to the source material it is. The plot is very truncated, especially the historical section. The modern day story is given far too much focus, leaving very little that feels like AC and completely upsetting the balance. (I believe the modern day story is important, and it should be given more focus than Unity and Syndicate did, and approach something closer to what was done with Desmond, but not to the disproportionate way it was done in the film). The attempt to introduce those unfamiliar with the plot to it and keep the fans in the loop doesn't work, as the oversights in the script, particularly concerning the Apples, are the clear result of both human error and dumbing down too far. Regardless of what one feels concerning the Animus/Helix debate, the Animus design here is ludicrous, and by Fassbender's admission, was done to avoid comparison to The Matrix, even though the games have admitted this influence and worn it proudly on their sleeve, and the comparison was made by critics anyways, rendering it pointless.

    Hopefully Ubisoft has learned the lessons from this and the TV series will rectify these.
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