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    Noticing odd things happening in games.

    I'm noticing a lot of huge dmg. Playing my Conq today I was killed multiple times by a LB in the beginning of the game by 2 hits. He literally hit me twice several times and killed me. Is there a LB damage bug or did they buff him? I'm noticing a lot of that lately. Huge hits when they used to be much less in terms of HP loss.

    I've also noticed that some characters are able to either full block stance or have amazing timing. I've fought a few opponents in the last couple of days that I could not hit and worse, I saw a LB with what appeared to be full block. Is there some feat that gives them full block now?
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    In regards to LB full block, did the player use the heal feat? It gives shugo type hyper armor during initiation and allows them to attack or gb through attacks.

    I’ve also noticed a lot of damage and lag lately.
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    LB's tier 2 feat Juggernaut has fullblock on startup.
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    Actually you are right. I just fell over in a match a minute ago after reading your thread. Was a Valkyrie, a whopping 72 damage. I don’t even know what combination amounts to that single blow.
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