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    Sam - List of conversation topics

    Hi everyone!

    I'm super excited to share with you this list of some questions/conversation topics that you can ask Sam! (Note that this thread will be updated on a weekly basis with the patch notes content).




    • Who are you?
    • What's new Sam?
    • When are you updated?
    • Send me a meme!
    • Tell me a joke!
    • What is your favorite Tweet?
    • Dance!
    • Do a Magic Trick!
    • How is the weather?
    • Beep boop!
    • Let’s play Trivia!
    • Give me an idea!
    • Do you watch movies?
    • Show me a video about cats!
    • Show me some fan art!
    • Help me relax!
    • Do I look good?
    • Show me cosplay pictures!
    • What’s the story of [Ubisoft Game]?*
    • Which [Ubisoft Game] do you recommend?*
    • Send me [Ubisoft Game] latest trailer!*
    • Show me some Easter eggs!*
    • Execute Order 66!
    • Can you time travel?
    • How do you pronounce Ubisoft?
    • Show me your source code!
    • Do you speak binary?
    • What's your zodiac sign?
    • Do you like cake?
    • How to report a player?
    • I can't connect to Rainbow Six!
    • When is the next test server?
    • Where to download the test server?
    • How do I level up in Rainbow Six?
    • Do you know ItsEpi?



    • Give me your latest patch notes!
    • What is your purpose?
    • Which game do you work with?
    • Is [Game] a Ubisoft game?
    • How can I give feedback on Sam?
    • What is a Daily Login?
    • Give me tips for [Ubisoft Game]?*
    • Can you summarize [Ubisoft Game] for me?*
    • How much time did I spend on [Ubisoft Game]?*
    • Give me [Ubisoft Game] Season Pass information!*
    • How much is [Ubisoft Game]?*
    • I want to buy [Ubisoft Game DLC], can you help?
    • What is [Ubisoft Game] release date?*
    • How can I become a Playtester?
    • How do I become a pro-gamer?
    • How can I work at Ubisoft?
    • I need technical support for [Ubisoft Game]!*
    • I have a problem with my Ubisoft account!
    • How can I change my username?
    • I want to change my email!
    • Who founded Ubisoft?
    • How many Ubisoft games exist?
    • Did Ubisoft win any game awards?
    • What was the first game made by Ubisoft?
    • How games are made?
    • How many Ubisoft studios are there?
    • Can you give me a gift?
    • What can I do with Club Units?
    • What is a Community Challenge?
    • What powers you AI?
    • When is your birthday?
    • Show me a behind the scene video
    • Tell me something I don’t know!
    • How can I share community content?
    • How can I report a bug in Sam?
    • How can I suggest idea to improve Sam?
    • Give me [Ubisoft Game] system requirements!
    • How to customize a vehicle?
    • How can I catch legendary fishs?
    • How can I get the Arcade weapon skin reward?
    • How to return to the main menu after the story?
    • Where can I get Ubisoft Club fan kits?

    Rainbow Six Siege

    • Show me Rainbow Six fail video!
    • Who is [Rainbow Six Siege operators]?
    • Send me tips for [Rainbow Six operators]
    • Give me attack/defense advice [Rainbow Six map]
    • What operator should I play?
    • How to counter [Rainbow Six Siege operators]?
    • What is [CTU]?
    • Why Lesion wears short?
    • Who is our lord savior?
    • What are Smoke's grenades made of?
    • Show me a R6 video!
    • What is Rainbow Six Pro League?
    • When is the Major league?
    • When is the pro league final?
    • When is the invitational?
    • What are the best weapons in Rainbow Six?
    • Why did you call me Rookie/Advanced/Expert?
    • How can I get better at R6?
    • Where can I get Rainbow Six elite skins?
    • What is Outbreak about?
    • How can I increase my FPS? / How can I reduce my PING?
    • How to report a cheater?
    • What is Rainbow Six doing against cheaters?
    • How can I change my keybind in Rainbow Six?
    • Tell me more about the Outbreak packs!
    • How to unlock the Happy Sam charm?
    • What are Weekly Challenges?
    • How does matchmaking works?
    • What is a dropshot?
    • Tell me more about Bartlett University!
    • Show me some Comic Strips!
    • What's your rank in Rainbow 6, Sam?
    • How to improve my aim?
    • Which operators should I choose for attack?
    • Which operators should I choose for defense?
    • Tell me more about Finka!
    • Tell me more about Lion!
    • How can I become diamond?
    • How effective are Rook's plates?
    • Tell me a creative way to use explosives in Rainbow Six!
    • How to play with claymore?
    • How to get more renown?
    • How to best use nitro cells?
    • Which guns reload faster?
    • How to roam?
    • How to use Barbed wire?
    • What is the ''Bandit trick''?
    • What is the ''Jäger trick''?
    • Give me trick with Ela's mine!
    • Who is the worst operator?
    • Do you know Pengu? (works also with other Rainbow Six Twitch streamers)
    • Give me roaming advice!
    • Give me flanking advice!
    • Give me anchoring advice!
    • Give me droning advice!
    • How can I counter roamers?
    • What's the best use for Mira's mirrors?
    • Send me the Rainbow six year 3 roadmap!
    • Tell me more about Hibana's x-kairos!
    • What is a potato aim?
    • What does clutch mean?
    • What are the most important causes of death in Rainbow Six?
    • What does Kapkan mean? (works also with other operators)
    • Tell me more about the Major annual tournament!
    • How does Dokkaebi's bomb work?
    • Tell me more about Ying's candela!
    • Do you know Shino?
    • What are Alpha packs?
    • Give me cool Valkyrie camera spots!
    • Show me the Rainbow Six Avengers trailer!
    • What is Operation health?
    • Show me a gun sync video!
    • Show me camera location!
    • What are cool ways to use Tachanka’s LMG?
    • Teach me the House of Mirrors trick!
    • What are Evil Eye best spots?
    • I have been banned by mistake, can you help?
    • What's up with Twitch Prime and Rainbow Six?
    • What's 2 Step verification?
    • What's Rainbow Six Twitch schedule?

    Assassin’s Creed Origins

    • Can you give me my ACO stats?
    • How long does it take to finish AC Origins?
    • Which Assassin's Creed game should I play first?
    • How can I get Ezio’s outfit in ACO?
    • How can I get the Anubis outfit?
    • Requiescat in pace!
    • Can you name all the Assassins?
    • Give me Origins' documentary!
    • Show me some ACO Easter Eggs!
    • What are the best weapons in ACO?

    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

    • What is the Assassin's Creed Odyssey release date?
    • Show me Assasin's Creed Odyssey latest trailer!
    • Can you sum up Assassin's Creed Odyssey 2 for me?
    • Will Socrate be in the game?
    • Do Kassandra and Alexios have different skills?
    • As a Spartan, do I have to side for Sparta in the Peloponnesian war?
    • Show me the latest trailer of Assassin's Creed Odyssey!
    • Give me cosplay guide of Kassandra!
    • Kassandra or Alexios?
    • Show me Assassin's Creed Odyssey gameplay!
    • Who is Sokrates, Barnabas, Phoibe, Herodotus, Hippokrates, Aspasia, Leonidas or Perikles?
    • How much space take Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
    • Tell me more about The Fate of Atlantis!
    • What is the max Level in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
    • What are the reviews for Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
    • Tell me more about the Assassin's Creed Odyssey early access!
    • What can I do in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
    • Which Odyssey abilities do you recommend?
    • Show me the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Live Action Trailer!
    • How to get the Mycenaean Dory?
    • Is there Club Challenges in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
    • Tell me more about Project Stream!
    • What's Totino's Promotion?

    Trials Rising

    • What is the Trials Rising release date?
    • Tell me more about Trial Rising beta!
    • How many bikes can I unlock in Trials Rising?
    • Will there be a map editor in Trials Rising?
    • How can I get sponsor contract in Trials Rising?
    • What is the University of Trials?

    The Crew 2

    • Show me The Crew 2 latest trailer!
    • Tell me more about The Crew 2 Beta!
    • What is the Beta link for the Crew 2?
    • What is Ivory Tower?
    • How to accelerate in The Crew 2?
    • I can't connect to The Crew 2, can you help?
    • I'm having performance issues in The Crew 2, can you help?
    • What are the fun things to do in The Crew 2?
    • How to use the photo mode in The Crew 2?
    • How to brake in The Crew 2?
    • How to use handbrake in The Crew 2?
    • How do I redeem my Nvidia promotion code?
    • What are the controls for The Crew 2 on PC?
    • Will my progression be carried over from the Beta to the full version of The Crew 2?
    • What are the requirements for the Crew 2?
    • How to share feedback on the open beta?
    • How do I turn my The Crew 2 car into a boat or a plane?
    • How can I win Jetsprint boat races in The Crew 2?
    • What Motorsports families are available in The Crew 2?
    • What should I visit in The Crew 2?
    • Show me a The Crew 2 impressive stunt!
    • What are the best sounding cars in The Crew 2?
    • What is the best plane in The Crew 2?
    • Where are the live rewards in The Crew 2?
    • What's the fastest car in The Crew 2?
    • I can't use the video recording tools in The Crew 2!
    • What are all the exotic vehicles of The Crew 2?
    • How to quit a race in The Crew 2?
    • How to put the radio on in The Crew 2?
    • How much cost vehicles in The Crew 2?
    • Tell me more about the photo mode editor in The Crew 2?
    • I didn't take my loot after my race in The Crew 2, what should I do?
    • How to enable subtitle in the Crew 2?
    • Which accessibility features are included in The Crew 2?
    • How to change sensitivity in The Crew 2?
    • How to change the controls in The Crew 2?

    Skull and Bones

    • Give me the Beta link for Skull and Bones
    • Show me the latest trailer of Skull and Bones!
    • What is the release date of Skull and Bones?
    • Can you sum up Skull and Bones for me?
    • How can I be a more skillful captain in Skull and Bones?
    • What weapons are available on a brigantine ship in Skull and Bones?
    • Show me Skulls and Bones gameplay!
    • What types of ships can I play in Skull and Bones?

    Beyond Good & Evil 2

    • Can you sum up Beyond Good & Evil 2 for me?
    • Show me the latest trailer of Beyond Good & Evil 2!

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas

    • What is the release date of Starlink: Battle for Atlas?
    • Show me the trailer of Starlink: Battle for Atlas!
    • Can you sum up Starlink: Battle for Atlas for me?
    • Where does Starlink: Battle for Atlas take place?
    • What is the defining concept of the game?
    • How do I push back the Forgotten Legion?
    • Tell me about Star Fox!

    Far Cry

    • Who's Vaas Montenegro?
    • Who is Boomer?
    • Who is the best Far Cry villain?
    • Tell me a Far Cry joke!
    • How can I pet Cheeseburger?
    • Who is the Seed family?
    • Give me Eden’s Gate trailer!
    • Is Far Cry 5 co-op?
    • Tell me more about the Far Cry Series!
    • What’s new in Far Cry 5?
    • Sum up Far Cry 5 for me!
    • What is the metacritic score for Far Cry 5?
    • What are Far Cry 5 PC requirements?
    • Where can I find Mary May Fairgrave? (works also with many other characters)
    • Where can I find Cheeseburger? (works also with Peaches and Boomer)
    • How can I get the Cheeseburger bobblehead?
    • Who are the resistance?
    • What's Eden's Gate Cult?
    • Tell me more about the sniper playstyle! (works also with Stealth Assassin, Recon and Tank)
    • How to fill up the resistance meter?
    • Tell me more about Far Cry 5 vehicles!
    • Where can I find the Death Wish? (works also with Widowmaker)
    • What’s Joseph Seed’s Lore? (works also with many other characters - Thanks kankeuG for the suggestion )
    • Send me the Far Cry 5 soundtrack!
    • Give me tips for Far Cry 5!
    • Tell me about homeopathics!
    • What are perk points?
    • How to unlock playstyle?
    • Give me the latest news on Far Cry 5!
    • What’s included in the Far Cry 5 collector edition?
    • What’s Far Cry Arcade?
    • I'm stuck in Far Cry 5!
    • Who are the peggies?
    • What’s a magnopulser?
    • Give me my Far Cry 5 stats!
    • Where to find Far Cry Arcade maps?
    • Where can I find the Far Cry 5 code of conduct?
    • How to get additional content for Far Cry 5?
    • How to catch the legendary fish?
    • There are texture issues in Far Cry Arcade!
    • How to quit a mission in Far Cry 5?
    • I can't launch Far Cry 5!
    • Give me the ULC list!
    • What is the Far Cry Arcade website for?
    • Show me the Far Cry 5 map!
    • What Montana fauna has to offer?
    • How to create a map?
    • What is Far Cry arcade night?

    The Division

    • Give me my The Division profile!
    • How to get classified gear in 1.8?
    • Who is David Leitch?

    The Division 2

    • Tell me more about The Division 2 Beta!
    • What is the The Division 2 release date?
    • Show me The Division 2 latest trailer!
    • Can you sum up The Division 2 for me?
    • Where does The Division 2 take place?
    • What happened between The Division 1 and The Division 2?
    • Will I be able to visit the United States Capitol in The Division 2?
    • What are the new Spec in The Division 2?
    • Show me the gameplay of the Division 2!
    • What are the new features in The Division 2?

    For Honor

    • Is the Faction War rigged?
    • Give me tips for the Highlander! (Works also with other warriors)
    • Who do you main in For Honor?
    • What is Warrior's Den?
    • Send me the For Honor Avengers trailer!
    • Show me IRL weapons!
    • How to make cool emblems?
    • Send me a For Honor memes!
    • Who are For Honor voice actors?
    • Show me a For Honor cartoon video!
    • Show me a mocap session!
    • How do For Honor daily orders work? (Also works also with Contract and Event)
    • Who is Apollyon?

    Splinter Cell

    • Is Conviction backward compatible?

    *Might not be available for all Ubisoft Games.

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    Will the splinter cell challenge have any additional missions added in the 35 day period or just the one?
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    Far Cry 5 Suggestion

    My suggestion is to bring back the D50 in the next event, or add a new gun like the MP7.
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    Fry cry 5 wont update xbox one s

    Not sure if this is the right area for this.
    I updated my xbox one s on 5/17/18
    Fry cry 5 shows 0.1.0 on main screen
    And if i go where the save file is shows
    Fry cry 5 any ideas?
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    Sam doesn’t really know the difference between a cat and a dog

    When you ask him that if he can meow it says waf. When you meow it says woof. When you ask him if he can be a cat (I know this is a ridiculous question but I was bored) he says that he loves dogs. And when you change these questions with dog alternatives the answers are the same. Indicating he doesn’t know the difference between a cat and a dog. So let’s teach that.
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    Sam didn't get the reference

    When I said "Hello there" he did not respond with "General Kenobi" even though he responds with "Hello There" when I say "General Kenobi" This will 💯% trigger every single Star Wars fan out there, please fix this
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