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    New PS4 Map - The Cove

    Friends, I finally completed my first map! Please try "The Cove" by Manlius10A on PS4 for team deathmatch. The map is themed as pirates vs colonists. I mostly used Assassin's Creed: Black Flag Assets. One team spawns in a pirate hideout and the other team spawns in a small colonial village on the opposite side of the map. Conflict points are a fort in the center of the map and a cave with treasure. The map is linked here:

    A video of the map is below:

    The single player variant is also live. I'll make a fresh thread about the single player variant once I have completed a video of it. I overhauled the map pretty heavily.

    I took a great deal of time to detail the entire map. Please try it and let me know what you think! I hope my effort shows in the map's gameplay and in the pictures below!

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    Looks great, will have a look.
    Good job.
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    Nice, hope its playable. Have laggy games on maps with these blackflag items. just wondering anyone else?
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    Nice work and looking forward to the video. I’m on PC this go around but I may have to pickup a PS4 copy as well.
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    I've only noticed a little lag on that one map deathmatch map-Coastal, and that map is very prop and lighting heavy. I haven't had a chance to play my map yet, but I spread it across separate grids to even out the budget.
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    I finally got to play my map last night, and I am happy to report that it plays well and that there was no lag. My map plays a little different than most. With some sections of heavy vegetation, it is a little harder to find opponents. However to advance to conflict points and areas with weapons/ammo you need to pop out of the foliage. This is done by the river that bisects the map. The size and layout supports more tactical gameplay where teams that communicate will definitely do better.

    Unfortunately, the textures glitched during publication and shifted about four feet, so the map loses some of its aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, when it comes to TDM it is the layout and gameplay that makes a good map, so it is upsetting but not deal breaking. I plan to make a few additional edits to fix the shifting textures in the next few days. I am still working on a map video, as well.

    In the meantime, I have uploaded a screenshot of the layout (with vegetation turned off) so you can get a feel for the map's flow.
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    It looks good, I'll look for it to play
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    Thanks for the tour last night, great looking map!
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    Hey, Manlius
    What exactly do you mean by "the textures glitched during publication and shifted about four feet"?
    Do you have any pictures of what it looks like in the Editor and what it looks like in the Arcade?
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    Bumping, because I just updated the original post with a video and the singleplayer variant is live! Hope you guys enjoy the video!

    Cskiller86, you can see the texture shift in the video. Footage of the map from the editor in the first half displays the correct texture alignment. Footage of Arcade gameplay in the second half of the video shows the shifted texture. This is most pronounced when comparing the cliff on the right side of the main fort entrance at 0:48 seconds to the same cliff at 1:46 seconds.
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