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    Horses that are worth keeping?

    Hey guys, kind of new here but I was just wondering if there are certain breeds that are just not worth keeping or even buying?
    I just wanted to gather some thoughts from other players
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    I only breed to get Exclusive -Legendary and Constellation horses now. But I have been playing this game for 3 years so I have all the common horses. So it’s up to you.
    The best way to gage the value of a horse is to look at the market price. I think the Trakehner costs 3500 diamonds. I think that’s the highest one.
    Get lots of friends that helps when you need to breed a horse and say you only have a male and need a female and vice versa. Saves time. Hope this helps...
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    It’s down to personal preference as the lower grade horses have lower stats at tier 3 and 4 meaning that if you want to diamond skill them it will require more costs and time. There are some lovely horses at all levels though.

    You can find my full up to date horse list at https://hhwa.fandom.com/wiki/User:Solara184 I am far more active on the wiki than on this forum.

    You can also post on my wall there (you can do so without an account) to request a specific horse, I play on iOS and have my own club so we can always coordinate a club invite through the wiki chat to get on one another’s friends lists as I am not on Facebook.
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