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    Originally Posted by Tylersap209 Go to original post
    So I am also having this issue. I tried rebuilding my PS4 database, didn't work. I also tried a work around I found on the steam for about quickly opening the map and fast traveling, letting the credits roll then hitting continue. This seems to work for some people, but it hasn't worked for me. Please help ubisoft. This game is amazing and I really want to finish the side quests I haven't finished. I find it kinda sad that this has been around for a week and it's still not listed in the "know problems" area. Please find a fix for this soon.
    That fix only works for PC. Console players have no fix
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    Ubisoft dont know ANYTHING!

    REBUILDING PS4 DATABASE does not fix jack **** Your just making anything up now Ubisoft to fixes that do not work no onder every ps4 gamer is anbry because of a day night bug and credit loop how bout your future games you play them before releasing them then patch every bug before game is out so 4 the last time Ubisoft

    HURRY UP WITH THE DAY NIGHT AND CREDIT LOOP PATCH FOR PS4 XBOX PC and dont say asap or next week we want that patch fix now because the longer we wait the worse itl get so you can stop with the twitter facebook youtube updates till you fix day night and credit LOOPs we are all getting all of us gamers R gonna keep moaning till we get that ps4 patch because its making your company look extremely bad and alot of people might just get refunds due to your slowness of a patch fix
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    Any excuse Ubisoft

    REBUILDING PS4 DATABASE dont fix jack crap Ubisoft you need to pull your finger out and hurry up with a day night and credit LOOP PATCH because everyday more PS4 XBOX PC gamers are getting angry and if you dont hurry up with that PS4 XBOX PC patch i can see people asking for a refund and that will make yiur company look extremely bad the PS4 XBOX PC patch better be out fast like this week because we aint gonna wait another week for this patch so hurry up or il just take this up with sony!
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    Can't play!

    Like many others I am unable to play my copy of far cry 5 past the credits. This for me has never been a problem I've had with this series. This needs to be fixed and is extremely disappointing and should be priority number one on ubisofts need to do list.
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    Far Cry 4 Longines endless loop smugler has escaped

    Is there any PS4 fix for this mess, so mad at this rubbish, the only choice is to start over and hope there are no other bugs, what a serious waste of time.
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    Games currently unplayable for about 3weeks now because of this glitch. I really don't want to start over on the game. I just wanna play the other ending choice to get my trophy and be done with it. =/
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    ubi--unicorn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey guys, this will be fixed in the next update.
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