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    looking for patient friends

    i am from the UK playing far cry 5 on pc and looking for someone to play co op with as i have no Uplay friends

    My game crashes at times so patience is requested

    Please add me and message me
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    Co-op trophy

    looking for some to complete the co-op trophy with. Currently off work for the holidays so anytime works.
    Add me
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    Hi LF co op partner for PS4 FC5 Trophy hunting

    Hi I am trying to get the co op trophies on PS4, Far Cry 5.

    I am in Canada and I have a mic, please add me on psn with a short message so I know it's for this purpose. Thanks!
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    Forgot to mention,

    PSN: LoLYoda

    Country: Canada

    Availability: Currently off work during holidays.
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    PC: Xeneca.

    (include dot)

    have 2 collection quests completed and ready to hand in,

    looking for someone to help.

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    Ready for co op

    I'm game for co-op if anyone wants to add me
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    Uplay: jimmmmmo

    Location: Australia

    looking for co-op

    i have Farcry 5, Farcry 3, Watchdogs 2 etc.
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    Uplay: kseixas

    Looking for co-op to complete the zombie DLC Score Attack with Gold
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