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    Originally Posted by Hoax1986 Go to original post
    Aussie, PC, no mic

    I'm looking to get the co-op achievement and challenge done finally. Hit me up if you want somebody to join and follow your instructions.

    Same here @Hoax1986, cant find you by your name though sorry?

    Is that same as your handle in shift+f2 interface?
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    A UbiSoft employee suggested me to this thread to find a co op partner.
    I got 1890 hours in and never really played co op. I'm interested in it if anyone would like to team up?



    Steam name is Greedylou
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    Hi everyone, add me on Uplay KiwiMolina9 is my nickname, I´m from Argentina, I play in a PC and I´d like play in any coop
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    I am in the U.S (Texas)
    I play PC
    I need someone to play with to complete the CO-OP Challenge (spend 60 mins in CO-OP)
    My Ubisoft ID is Markie_
    Please, somebody help me
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    Need help with escape from rooftops co op score affack

    My gamertag is CrackedIce666 on Xbox my best score is 34812, I can’t get the 36000 required for three stars. Can someone help me in co op? Thanks
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    I just wanna play Co-op, host/join doesn't matter. (PC)
    uPlay ID: LinnSarma
    Country: Germany
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    Coop for DLC zombies chapter 2

    O need a Coop player tô help me in chapter 2 of zombies DLC please! Thanks
    Psn: cristianomenger
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    Every week I try to do the weekly challenges and usually at least 1 of them requires a coop partner to finish a coop map. If anyone is interested in completing the Far Cry 5 weekly challenges with me every week, add me: Outlier2004 You'll gain points for it and they're usually pretty quick. I'm on UPlay with PC.
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    Platform PC
    Uplay c0pper_head
    I would prefer older companions as of somewhat advanced years myself.
    Not senile yet though , I have played the game through at least eight times since buying it in April 2018, so I know the map fairly well.
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    I'm looking for a mature co-op buddy to have some fun.
    Either joining or hosting a game, i don't mind.

    Age: 30
    Country: Netherlands
    Platform: PC

    Add me if your interested.
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