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    Hi all Add me on uplay if u like : Insaneovitz ...

    From Denmark (31years old)
    ONLY on PC
    Would preffer to host , but tbh i just really wanna try co-op / arcade (whatever) so either host or join i don´t mind either of those..
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    Uplay: Luke79AU
    Country: Australia
    Platform: PC
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    im on pc in us just looking for a coop buddy to bs around with
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    Hi All,

    • I'm in the US
    • PC Player
    • Looking to join for any sort of Coop activity.

    Feel free to add me on uPlay!
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    DDH3000. Need co-op help.
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    Saved Progression in Far Cry 5 co-op

    Originally Posted by Ronanklan Go to original post
    If you're playing co-op, only the host gets progression saved, right?

    If so, the joining player gets NOTHING saved?

    If thats the case, I would think that only people who completed the campaign would be willing to fill the "joiner" position in co-op play. You understand why I think that?

    I would severely hate trying to progress through the campaign, only to join a friend for Co-Op and get nothing done toward my game. While my friend gets all of his progress saved, and I helped him accomplish it. Meanwhile I am S.O.L. on getting any type of progression done, simply because I want to play with a friend.

    If I am right on All Points, then this system really sucks!
    When you join another players world in Far Cry 5, you are given the option to save progress for the remainder of the session. If you click yes then it will save any money that you get from vaults, stashes or missions. It would save any silver or perk points you have earned and/or used. Finally, it also saves any in-game challenge progress, e.g. hunting or guns for hire challenges. Other than that I haven’t really found anything else that it saves.

    I play quite a bit of co-op with my friend so I’d be happy to here if there’s anything else it would save.

    *Will also save any collectibles or inventory items gathered or used*
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    Looking to Add for Co-op and Arcade Party PC

    PC ( please don't reply with Playstation or Xbox Live GT as no one truly enjoys FPS on Console. You just have no choice! )
    I Am Mic'd if need be. No youthful trolls please. Grown ups or mature gamers only...

    I am slowly doing side missions and such and playing a good amount of Arcade mode when i need a break from the Campaign. Looking to add about 10 people to have a steady flow of friends to play Co-Op, Daily Challenges/Live Events when they're up and Arcade mode

    Uplay - also Forum name
    Steam - Orville Beantown Redenbacher
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    SpiceMustFlow's Avatar Member
    Join Date
    Oct 2016
    Chicago, IL
    Uplay: jonsarik73
    Platform: PC
    Region: US Central

    Looking to join another player's game, region unimportant. I want to unlock the Minutes Spent in Co-op challenge worth three perk points before I confront Joseph. As for my playstyle, I'll let you take lead since you're hosting. I personally prefer stealth when I solo, but am flexible. If you're the type of person who doesn't look to speedrun through a game, I'm your man. I also have a mic if needed. Married with a pre-teen daughter, so no immature people who like to spew their stupidity over speakers, please. Just pass me by and we're both good. Thanks.
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    i can join, i can hosted game
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    Primary Bow Play... Stealth till not. Msg me ur PSN if you want to join my host.

    Primary Bow Play... Stealth till not. Msg me ur PSN if you want to join my host.
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