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    well its already 2020 heading to 2021 this reply will be 9 years in a few days and still no gifting in ubisoft.
    such a shame.
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    Having to wait days because I have to go through customer support to transfer a gift game is absolutely absurd and mind baffling. The year is 2020.
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    ya i was wanting to get breakpoint for a friend and was given a list of vendors by ubi support that might sell keys. steam is on the list. firstly steam doesnt have breakpoint so that doesnt help. secondly, why would they want to source sales off of there own platform to another companys platform??? makes no sense to me.
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    well its officially 2021 sooo.....
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    Bumping for justice

    I have no idea if anyone at Ubisoft actually reads their forums, but I'm going to bump. This is really stupid that I can't buy any of your PC games as gifts. Create gift cards. Allow gifting on the account. Do SOMETHING to allow me to spend money on your games instead of having to say to someone "hey man let me log on to your account so I can buy you this present." It's incredibly stupid that you haven't done this.
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    I used to love Ubisoft as a company but man for them to not do such easy things that Steam and other companies did a LONG TIME AGO is pathetic. The company is trash now and while I have Far Cry 5 and new Dawn plus Anno 1800 I sure won't be getting anything else from Ubisoft, also Anno 1800 is kind of pathetic compared to the earlier ones. DEVS, better graphics do not mean you crap out on everything else.
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    Yall got brain damage if it takes you this long to "look" at it
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    you mean 3?
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    2021, major update to uPlay at end of 2020.

    Ubisoft still fails to deliver a simple function that would take 5 minutes to code.

    But guys let's be real, have you all looked at Ubisoft Games? They so poorly coded I'm not surprised they can't implement gifting on uPlay.
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    Three years later it looks like they still don't like money. I was gonna gift a buddy that lives on the other side of the county 3 games. He wont let me just send him money for them. Guess no sale.
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