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    Seriously, how is this still an issue? Can you guys please fix this crap? I'm tempted to try and refund my game seeing as I haven't been able to access my single player content since the day after the game came out.
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    Non stop credits can't find a fix. This sucks
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    Ending Glitch

    Ubisoft support tweeted that saves with the glitch are most likely unable to be saved. They tweeted that but can't respond to their website's actual customer service with a definitive answer. I have 28 hours in this game and haven't been able to play it since like April 7th.
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    R.i.p the dream

    What a good game until never ending loop of credits and ubisoft crushes your dream
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    Ubisoft response

    Ubisoft responded telling me they were aware of the issue and are looking into a fix with the next update. Said there's no ETA for the fix. Only solution they had for now was to start a new game.
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    So done with ubisoft i think its time to boycott them theyre no better than those ****ty alpha game creators atleast with alpha games i can continue the game and not be bummed out of 60$ ubisoft living up to their greatness of ****ing people in the *** dry
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    Still broken!

    This happened to me too last week, after i downloaded the update. I have almost everything complete but now cant actually beat the game, what a bunch of garbage! how is THIS NOT FIXED YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Please fix this issue or award the trophy.

    So I’m a huge supporter of Ubisoft games and was excited to platinum this title. I now am stuck with only one trophy left and I can’t seem to do it because of your credit glitche. Even if you could award this trophy somehow or just fix the problem I would be grateful. I work a lot and have kids like many players, so it is quite aggravating to not to be able to enjoy the END of the game you created. My psn is Kautter15 and my email is mattkautter@yahoo.com. Thanks for looking into this and please help all the gamers on this support thread that are having the same problems. -Matt.
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    Same fkin glitch

    It happens the same to me, pls fix it as soon as possible, I wanna keep playing. I did all the stuff the people said and nothing. The town destroyed is just a part of the story. Just a glitch what happens to me, and an other bunch of people.
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    Ending glitch!!

    So, been watching this thread for nearly two weeks and still NO news?

    I have the same problem on my PS4, still waiting for an update. I stared the game 2/4/18 and put 25+ hours into the game.

    My friend and I have the game, he finished the campaign by taking the guy down at the end. No problem, he can go back and finish the rest of the map. My turn....I let the guy go as we wanted to see each ending.. well that was stupid of me.

    I am now in the what my son calls the "ONLY YOU" loop. YES he has had fun singing the song at me repeatedly..>>>>"£$£$£""%%$"!!!

    All attempts to get away from this have been futile. I have tried all of the suggested 'Fixes' to no avail.

    Please if reading this do add to this thread.. the bigger it gets, hopefully sooner we will get a fix..
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