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    Far cry 5 ending glitch

    I beat far cry 5 put when i try to go and complete all the side quest i get put in the ending credits
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    Possible fix?

    I was having the same problem, where I would hit continue and it would spawn me in the bunker then immediately roll credits. It’s a pretty annoying glitch and I thought I was the only one that had it. What worked for me was
    1: As soon as you spawn in open your map
    2: Air drop from a random location, (I don’t think it matters)
    3: As your falling it should roll credits again
    4: When you get back to the title screen it should be all spooky looking
    5: Press continue again and you should spawn on top of the tower you climbed in the beginning of the game
    This worked for me, hopefully it works for you too bud! Cheers!
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    Same here

    I haven't unlocked the drop so I'm stuck I finished it and the credits keep rolling dunno what to do
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    Same here

    Nearly 40 hours put into my game now i cant even play it because of this. not a single thing seems to help me get out of this issue
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    Got an email

    I got an email from Ubisoft saying they are working on fixing it I just wanna play it now I went on co op and unlocked Airdrop and that didn't work can't do anything
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    Where did you spawn?

    I did it and when i pressed continue for the second time it spawned me back into gliding down
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    This works for me.

    I just had the exact same problem. I spent about 15m trying to figure it out myself before following steps from the comments here. You don't have to have airdrop unlocked.

    Load into your game and as soon as you can hit Tab.

    Fast travel to any location outside of the bunker. ( I teleported to the pumpkin farm)

    As soon as you move it will start to roll the credits. Skip these and go back to the main menu.

    Your screen at the main menu should have changed to an exploded town to reflect what just occurred in the story. ( This is how you know you have done it correctly)

    Load back into your game and you should spawn back in at the lookout tower on Dutch's island.
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    Hasn't worked

    I fast travelled and it still hasn't worked
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    Sadly that only work for PC

    For console players this is nothing that works. we have to wait for ubisoft.
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    Every single time

    I've tried so many times to respawn, I'm experiencing the exact same glitch. I haven't tried to airdrop yet, but how could Ubi miss this giant flat liner?!
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