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    Please put classic anno on steam

    As title suggest, please put 1602,1503,1701 on steam, and optimize them.

    GOG is a great site, but the fact GOG's versions were no where optimized, leaving player that have wide screen display stuck with old 4:3/5:4 ratio is not helping, and many times that most modern computer would be having programs that pop up info ballons that keeps old Anno's display stop working normally.

    I had Anno 1503 form GOG, and it keeps getting black boxes/ weird color /CTD issue whenever a pop up ballons by my other programs, it stops me playing the game form time to time, I hope that a steam version of the classic anno series would fix the problem.
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    Even if they do put them on to Steam does mean that they will fix them. The only thing Steam does is updates to the game they don't fix games sorry. Plus if you are having problems contact GOG. The first three game 1602, 1503 & 1701were made more for XP and older. You could try to run them in that XP mode.
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