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  • Tanks!! No way man! Their just 50. fodder what do I wana play down there for its dirty?

    6 4.35%
  • Tanks yeah!Brrrm brrrm, rumble rumble, blam blam, mwuahahah daka daka daka brrrrm (Or yes please)

    131 94.93%
  • WW2 tommy cooker, no thanks! But modern armour is fine

    1 0.72%
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    Definately interested in a realistic WW2 Tank Sim...
    Can't wait to blow those Russian infantry tank hunters away with my Nahverteidigungswaffe!!!
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    I want to attack '88s with a bren gun carrier,...Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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    Sorry realised my catagorisation may have been a little misleading so I have adjusted the responses

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    Originally posted by JarheadEd:
    I want to attack '88s with a bren gun carrier,...Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    I want to attack Bren gun carriers with an 88.

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    Bring it on, we're ready...

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    No need to tell any of you guys where I stand on this one!

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    Gimme a panther......

    WW2 online. played the game to drive tanks

    Red orchestra. play the game to drive tanks

    T-72 balkans on fire. play the game to drive tanks

    10 years in the army. did it to drive tanks

    Think i got a
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    The time is night.
    He whoso codeth the first truly realistic WW2 tank/combined arms sim with off & online play shall the true born king of treadhead sim players be (and make a tidy profit, too).
    In other words, Yes there's room for a WW2 tank sim in the world. Room enough for a whole series, actually.
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    Well its good to know there are a few of us out there.

    And its nice to know there is something else besides BOB to look forward to this year

    Slightly OT but still on the theme of heavy armour

    Theres a couple of vids on this site I found quite interesting.

    Tanks and snow just two of my favourite things

    Link found in forum at

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