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    Grace Under Fire Glitch?

    For some reason, on the mission 'Grace under fire" Grace does not show up at the church when I go there, she is nowhere on the roof, my friend is also having the same problem? is this a regular issue and is there any kind of Fixes?
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    Me too

    I am having the same Issue I have been going back and forth and rekilling everyone and she not there. Shes on the map though. I did not get the mission to you get Grace Under Fire when you go to the church or dose it send you to the church?
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    Hello! Could you try reloading from the last checkpoint or fast traveling away and returning to the mission area? Please let me know if that works for you!
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    I'm having the same issue, I've tried restarting checkpoint and fast traveling away and she's still not at the church.
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    Area Boss

    You have to kill John Seed and her quest will show up on the map.
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    Yep, I’m having the exact same issue

    Update: I had acquired the mission for Grace but didn’t try that mission until after I got the one to kill John Seed. Once I killed John and returned to the church, she was there. So that fixed the issue for me.
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    Necro-post but I found this because my game "glitched".

    For the record, if you go to Grace early on before the John Seed story progresses you can get her as a companion early on. At some point during John's main story you cannot unlock Grace until after John is beaten. I actually unlocked Grace before Nick in a previous save game, before I ever started John's story.

    Just wanted to clear this up for anyone else that comes on this post for the same search of a "Grace glitch".
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