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    @johnyplaysthis I see you were able to resolve this issue over your ticket. I apologize for any frustration, and glad to see you were able to resolve it.
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    Similar problem

    Case Number:08522072
    I am having a similar problem where I finished all of the challenges that give me credits and I have not gotten the achievement that says I did them. It would be the last achievement I need till 100%. A fix would be well apreciated.
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    I have a problem with the game.
    When I passed the game 100% and completed all the achievements did not open Club challenges
    I tried other ways and nothing came of it.

    Ubisoft Support Case: 08553665
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    Same problems

    I have the same problem has all the others. I have completed 100% of the game but didn't get some of the club challenges.
    Case number: 11264602

    Thank you for taking a look at this.
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