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    Slow Game Play

    I have downloaded Far Cry 5 to two of my computers and on both computers the game play is in slow motion. My main computer is a brand new Alienware 17 Laptop and I have tried to change settings in the game but the graphics are just slow. The voices in the game are normal. Has anyone had issues like this and/or does anyone have a solution?
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    I have the same problem.

    "going" or "running" is much too slow.
    It is frustrating. It feels like somebody is retaining me.
    But driving with cars for example is completely normal.
    I also playing FC4 and there moving is as it should be. Sometime I renounce cars and run from one location to next.

    Is there a setting wrong ? I could not find any setting possibilities.
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    Hey guys,

    do i understand correctly that you are both on PC?
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    This happening to me now, on the X-Box Series X.

    The game worked well for the first 2 months, but recently all the game play has slowed down. It's ruining the game experience.

    I am playing other X-Box One games on the Series X, and no other games have been affected.

    Please help.
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