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    Crashes when trying to changing clothes first time

    I can launch the game fine and played it up until I'm supposed to change clothes in the main story missions.

    But as soon as I open the closet, the screen pops up with a "enter to confirm" and background image, but nothing on the page. Freezes up and crashes to desktop after about 15-20 seconds.

    Ive sent the error logs through ubi but dont really expect back an answer from that route, so asking here to see if anybody has a fix.

    And yes, I did try setting all my video setting to low and turned of anti-aliasing Still same issue.

    Of note - I am running a AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series graphics card. According to AMD's website my driers are up to date. But when I launch Far Cry 5 I get a message that they are out of date. I just close it because it seems to wrong, trusting the company that made the card over ubi on this one.
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    Exact same situation here.
    Crashing at the same point in the story, and I am also running an AMD 6900 series GPU.

    I am also getting the outdated driver message, but the official message from AMD is that these cards are legacy products and no new drivers are planned for release.
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    pleaseeeeee helppp i have the same
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    Yes, same issue here. Reproducible.
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    Same. I'm on a Radeon HD 5800. On the 15.7 software, and when I run the amd gaming app and updated it to the newest drivers available for that gpu (the 16.2.1 beta), the game wouldn't even load. At this point I got the same "your drivers are out of date" message. Completely uninstalled the new drivers and the game, installed the old drivers again and the game. Dropped everything to the lowest possible settings (which shouldn't have to be done) REDID the intro up until that point. And same crash.
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    Same message about outdated drivers, same crash with HD6900 here was well.
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    ubi--unicorn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey guys! Can you all try some basic troubleshooting steps and see if it helps?
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    I have done all of those, going through the long chat process. Game still crashes.
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    Still crashing. The game wouldn't even launch if easy anticheat was disabled in the msconfig window as well.

    I ordered a GTX1060. I was intending to upgrade last year and put it off so this isn't the worst excuse I've ever had. I'll update when I get that in and have a chance to test it.
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    it doesnt work i think it has something to do with the graphics card because everyone has an amd card from the 6900 series
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