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    [RESOLVED] Steam far cry 5 *oh no it crashed* problem

    how to fix plz comment me plz
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    Me too! how to fix???
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    Ive been trying to play for a while now, and in multiplayer, every so often when im in a menu/map screen, it freezes for 1/ 2 seconds and then music comes back and it just closes, ive sent SSSOOO many crash reports its crazy at this point. Please ubisoft, work with us to fix this .
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    have the same issue even tried validating the files and messing with settings, i cant seem to find what causes it for me just happens every 45-50 mins
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    I am experiencing this exact problem. Have reinstalled updated drivers, verified files, and uninstalled/reinstalled game. No difference.
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    Have the same issue, even can't play in single.
    In the helicopter scene it always crashes with "Oh no..." message
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    Hi all,

    I can confirm I am experiencing the same issues. It is just when I am in the menu's or using the Map that it freezes for a split second, then continues for another split second, then just closes the game all together; giving me the 'Oh no it crashed' bug report tool.

    It's so annoying, sometimes it takes 5 minutes to happen, other times i can go for hours without a hitch. I can uninstalled, reinstalled, changed drivers, altered settings. Same results.

    Does anyone know if this is a confirmed issue?
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    Far Cry 5 Crashing

    I also have this problem and is exactly how you stated it. I noticed that this started to happened after I downloaded the new G-Force drivers. For one of the crashes I actually got a blue screen. (Stop Code: VIDEO SCHEDULER INTERNAL ERROR.) I don't know what is causeing this problem, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, went to go fix that blue screen error and still crashing on me (without the blue screen sofar.), validating game files, and still no results. All I can say is that before downloading the G-force drivers I was able to play without any problems like this. Hopefully Ubisoft pushes an update to fix this soon! Really want to keep playing.
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    far cry 5 crashing.

    Mine also keeps crashing, either right at load up or sometimes around 5 min in. I have tried all the fixes i have read about nothing works, i downloaded it from steam. all my other games work fine, i downloaded the new nivida drivers for my 1080 no go.
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    Moving to technical forum for more assistance
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