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    PS 4 solved after 2 days of darkness

    Hey guys,

    I ran into this bug three days ago, noticed it when finally finished the storyline in Jacobs territory. I startet at Johns, afterward faith's an than Jacobs. I'm on PS4.

    This being said, I tried everything the net is suggesting, reloaded, reinstalled, doing missions, etc. I even started a new game, played till daytime and copied over my old save, bang: nighttime again. I just wanted to give up last night.

    So here is what solved it for me:

    I was joining a friend in his coop, just to see the game in daytime one last time... I told him about my problem, and he suggested to join my coop and do some missions, as he had this bug too, but only for 3-4 hours in his coop than it magically fixed itself.

    So I invited him to my coop, being the host. Problem was I had no missions left, only the clutch Nixon ones. So we gave it try. During the fourth mission we noticed, that daylight seems to come back. After a few fails we finished and... My game was back at early morning time. Since than it seems to work, as intended with day/night cycle again.

    Maybe this helps anyone with this really annoying bug.

    By the way: I run the deluxe edition in download version. (yeah, 90 euros for a night time game...)
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    Same here unfortunately


    Been loving the game so far but now it is also stuck in nighttime. I play on PS4pro. Is there any update on a possible fix?

    Thx anyway for a great game but I hope this will be fixed soon.

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    Ruining the game for me

    My game has also been stuck on night time for the past day and a half (real time) and has made the game way way less enjoyable for me to the point that I have stopped playing it. There are certain dark missions like the dredge that are almost unplayable and I have given up on doing any more outposts/story missions until its daytime again to properly enjoy and appreciate the game. Super frustrating and disappointing to read that the upcoming patch by ubisoft does NOTHING to fix this issue that they have known about since day one, and only addresses the ability to buy silver bars (aka their priority is microtransactions). How many reports and complaints for days and days on end does it take to get a fix??
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    I just send a message to their support page about this and they still don't have an ETA about when they'll fix this issue ... i've been stuck in night time for 2 days now ...
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    Well, this finally happened to me today. Been stuck in night time for hours now. What happened to me was that I did the Clutch Nixon mission Spray and Pray during night. I failed a lot of times, and actually thought to myself: I hope I'm not stuck in night time forever. I finally passed the mission but sun hasn't risen since. I have kept playing and did get one Faith scene just now but after that it's still night. I play on PC.
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    PS4 Pro. I cleared John Seed's region and after that I was doing clean up in that section when the always night time bug hit. Still hoping to find out the timetable for this fix. I was loving this game but now I can not recommend it to anyone until it is fixed.
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    This is so Ubisoft...

    I really want to buy this game, but then I hear about bugs like this and am glad I have waited.

    Sorry to those affected, but thanks for bringing this issue to light so others can wait and see before buying.
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    Yeah, Ubisoft obviously released it too soon. It's current buggy state screams rushed to market. It's an insult to all of us who bought it day 1.
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    x.x I beat the storyline with every side missions, since the 29th been stuck on Night Time, getting really boring playing at night where nothing changing as the nice day/night cycle.

    Hope they fix this soon....
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    It happened to me as well, however not after that mission its when i started Outpost Master and it reset the Outposts. Since then I have Liberated all the Outposts and played for 4 hours and still at night time. It will not go back to day and the moon will not move either, Usually when its at night and since its so dark I spin around several times to speed up the flow of time and confirm this by watching the moon set, However at this point the moon doesn't move. Any Ideas Ubisoft?
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