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    HUD/Interface/UI bugs and feedback

    There are three UI bugs:
    1. ]Wounded enemies still show a health icon above them even with the 'Enemy Tag Icons' option switched 'off' in the interface menu..
    2. Wounded allies still show a health icon them even with the 'Ally Icons' option switched 'off' in the interface menu.
    3. The objective messages still appear in the top left corner even with the 'Objective Messages' switched off in the interface menu.

    UI Feedback:
    Please could you consider adding the option to switch off ALL of the HUD/Interface/UI elements in game - including the flashing corpses and plants.
    Could you also consider adding a hotkey to toggle all of the UI elements on/off - just like there is an option to do so in the camera mode.
    The main reason being that I (and many others) find the in game UI elements obstructive and distracting, the other reason being that some of the missions are confusing to navigate without certain UI elements (World Icons etc.) so it would be super convenient to have an in game UI toggle key.
    Apparently there is a mod that has already achieves this, but I (and likely many others) don't want to download additional software to bypass the anti cheat stuff and risk getting banned.

    Thank you
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    Hey T0005036, thanks for reporting. You may also want to share the feedback in our general forums
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