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    Keyboard and mouse not working, they freeze


    I just bought the game and I started to play and I have a big issue that not allows me to play at all, the problem is that when I am moving the character and I am using the keyboard and the mouse at the same time (how is normal) I mean when I have for example the key W press for walk forward and then I move the mouse for moving the camera the game just collapse and I lose completely the control of my character and start to move without pressing anything.

    I have the Assassin's Creed Odyssey and It works perfectly with no problems at all, so I can not find the issue.

    Also, I have a laptop where I can play the game perfectly, so the problem is only with my desktop.

    My Desktop specifications are:

    i5 8400
    RTX 2070 SUPER
    16GB Ram

    The peripheral that I use are:

    Keyboard Corsair K63
    Mouse M65 RGB Elite

    At the moment what I tried to do is:

    I have all drivers updated, I tried uninstalling and installing again the software iCue (Corsair software)
    I tried uninstalling and installing the game, I tried to verify the files.
    I tried changing from full screen to borderless.
    I tried activating and deactivating the VSync.
    I tried to find the same problem using Google, but there are some cases that they had problems because Discord(Overlay), but I am not using discord.

    I can not open a support case,
    Could someone help me with this problem?
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    Hey LebcUK,

    Thanks for getting in touch! I'm sorry that your keyboard and mouse aren't responding correctly in the game. Can you please perform a clean boot and test again. If the issue persists, would you be able to test the game using a different keyboard and mouse?
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    Hi, I already got in contact with someone by chat, and told me exactly what you said, I think I found the issue, When I run the game in clean boot and then try to find the third party software doing the problem, I found that iCue(corsair software) is the problem, but once I uninstall the software the game start to run nice, or is what I though because in some cases when I am in a big city, the game sometimes have the same input lag again.. bit is not that dramatically as before, so I do not know if maybe there is another third part software doing more problem.
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