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    Walk-button makes character stand still


    Can't use the walk-function. Character will just stand still. Doesn't matter if I rebind it to anything else, if I use it with Hold or Toggle, Raw Input on/off, nothing matters. It doesn't work.

    Only found 2 other posts on reddit about this issue but no solution.


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    Apparently it's something with the controller sensitivity. Had to reset to default and THEN restart the game.
    Without restarting walking wouldn't work.
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    You were using a controller?

    Restarting the game after setting your sensitivity to default fixed this for you?
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    I don't have my controller plugged in at all. I had just put all the controller sensitivity to the lowest.

    Setting controller sensitivity to default and restarting the game let me walk again.

    It doesn't let you walk unless you restart the game after.
    Really weird imo.
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