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    Queens Tunnel rope bug

    I was running a classified D3 build and couldn't go down the rope near the big red truck (Red Ones are Faster) as no STRG popped up and pressing STRG doesn't help at all.

    Did that several times with no luck ....


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    Same bug encountered. Tried restarting the program and ran it again. Nope

    In the Queens Tunnel Mission, on challenging after securing the comm center. I can press F to let the rope down but it doesn't not allow you to go down the rope (ctrl). 3 times total.
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    Thanks for the report, i'll pass it on to the team.

    Since one of you used a D3-FNC build, did you try to take away the shield and then interact with the rope?

    / Johan
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    Throwing the shield away didn't help out, the entire trigger seems to be missing then as no CTRL (or in german STRG) won't show up for releasing the rope.


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