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    Cant unlock Uplay challenge Werewolf U Alumnu

    Ive unlocked all of the other challenges however despite watching the tutorial video on the start menu for times from start to finish, this challenge never unlocks.

    On the Uplay app, it says watch all of the videos; but there is only one and Ive watched it. How on earth do I get this final challenge achievement? Is it bugged?
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    Before anyone says there are videos on the main menu I. The roles page; these are broken - the screen fades to black and I can’t see anything - either in vr or on the tv.
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    Sounds like a technical issue is at foot. Support might be able to help with this. You can reach them here:

    If you would like to submit a Support Ticket for help you can do so here:

    You can also reach out to our Facebook and Twitter Support pages here:
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