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    [JDNow] - Planned maintenance 21/03/2018

    Hello Just Dancers,

    Tomorrow, Wednesday 21st of March, a maintenance will take place from 6 am to 9 am GMT. During the duration of this maintenance, our services will be impacted and you won't be able to enjoy Just Dance Now, we apologise in advance for the inconvenience while we work on improving your gaming experience.

    Thanks you for your understanding!


    -Your Just Dance Now team
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    The maintenance is now complete and all should be running.

    Thanks for your understanding!
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    Just Dance Now NOT working

    Just Dance Now has not been working since last night Melbourne Australia time. It's now 5:20pm 22/03/2018 and it's still not working. Help, my daughter is seriously distraught.
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    Hello hill1808,

    If you're still unable to access Just Dance Now, please contact our Support Team so they can investigate.

    Thank you
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    Just dance now problem

    Hi my just dance now app still doesn't work. when i try to use it,it tells me there are connection problems to the server. can you help me? from ubisoft support they gave me the forum link.
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    Same with me. Its been 48 hours.
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    Just dance now still does not work

    hi, today is the second day that we can’t use the software. It shows connection issues although all our other apps work without any problem.
    I bought a one month VIP package to try the program, will I be reimbursed for the days the app is not working ?
    It is impossible to reach someone at Ubisoft .
    Please advice how to proceed!
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    Second day the app does not work

    Hi there!
    I bought the VIP JDNow pack for my daughter but second day doesn’t work; snowing me the “Oop’s” measage. How to contact the support team for this app? My daughter is very disappointed!!! Want my money back for this piece of junk!
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    The apo still doesn't work after 3 days

    I have the exact same issue with the game. I bought a 3 month VIPpack and would like my money bachk if it doesn't work by tomorrow.
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    connection error

    I have the same problem it's the second day now.
    I paid 3 months for this crap!
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