Hello Just Dancers,

We’ve made a few quality of life improvements. Check out the details below!

• Overall game polish for better quality user experience
>Game interface, score recap, and info pages have all been improved for better readability and general aesthetic
>Sound quality on all platforms has been improved
>The “back” arrow is now more visible
>Player is now notified when they have purchased all available avatars
• Addition of gameplay tips during song loading screen
• Increased server stability

Known Issues

Fixed Issues

• Android phone and iPhone users are unable to score if they press the back button during a dance.
• Videos on the second screen for Android tablet users aren’t displayed
• In the Loading Tips on the second screen, “/n” is shown instead of a line break

Not Yet Fixed

• The last move is not achievable in certain maps for Android phones and iPhones.
• For iPhone users, Goldmove effects don’t work in certain maps – in particular when the last move is a goldmove.
• Pending in-app purchases don’t validate on iOS11 devices during connection loss
>If purchase failed due to sudden loss of connection, it is possible that the user will be charged without receiving their purchase
• App gets stuck on coach selection screen if player subscription ends during gameplay for Apple TV users
• HTTPS URL not functional
>Links to the game found through search engines (Google, Bing, etc) do not function properly

Thank you for your patience during the deployment of the patch!

-Your Just Dance team