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    Hi Guys, have you contacted our Support Team about this? https://ubi.li/8rbz6
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    Yes, and also about rewards not unlocking, and my games not being listed on my Club account (although they are listed in my UPlay client). No proper response yet (just generic links to connectivity issues, which is clearly not the issue).
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    The ticket was handled and my problem seems to be solved. Thank you.
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    Get the same problem with relics (cant obtain uplay relics rewards in game). Create ticket, after few days (while i didnt get any responce on ticket) i begin live-chat with support.
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    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:03:51): Thanks for contacting Ubisoft Support. You're now connected with Ubi-revking, please allow a few moments for the agent to acquaint themselves with your case. Our team are working hard to provide support to as many players as possible during these difficult times. Abusive language towards our agents will not be tolerated and will result in the chat session being terminated.
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:06:03): Hello there, how are you?
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:06:56): good day
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:07:18): have some problem Might and Magic 10 legacy
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:08:33): I see, can you please verify the game, you can use this article to help you: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-gb/fa...-In-Uplay-UPC/
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:11:10): sorry, nut i already verify the game during creating support ticket
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:11:38): I see, are the rewards from the Connect client?
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:11:45): yes
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:12:08): ubisoft reward
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:12:42): i activate ubisoft reward but i cant obtain in game
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:13:27): There is a delay with those rewards at the moment, since the transition to Connect from Uplay. It has been reported and our team is looking into it now.
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:14:12): delay, i cant obtain it more then a weak
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:14:43): and creat a ticket 3 вфны фпщ
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:14:56): The issue has been under investigation since the transition from 27th October.
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:14:58): *days ago
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:15:47): but now is december:smile:
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:16:21): Yes it has been ongoing since then.
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:16:51): i read some threads on ubi forum and such problem happens, and people get help from support
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:17:43): https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...owing-up/page2
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:19:18): and it happens in 2018, and investigation can continue for years game is old
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:19:32): if i can get some help now
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:20:11): The thread is from 2013. The issue with the rewards now is new and ongoing from 27th October 2020.
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:22:25): ?
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:22:41): if i can get some help now?
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:24:07): As I mentioned, the issue is ongoing, and when the fix is available it will be applied to the Connect Client.
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:24:29): when it should be solved?
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:26:07): When it is, there will be a post on the forums.
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:27:15): and if it will be going till 2030 i should wait?
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:28:42): i am sorry but it sounds as subterfuge.
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:28:57): I understand that this is frustrating, but out teams are still investigating the issue.
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:30:55): i can see that such problems happens and peopple get help from support in few days, and now i should wait for unknown amount of time
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:32:57): Since the issue is being investigated by our team, we have been advised to wait for the fix.
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:33:54): its already under investigation more then a month, its already sounds as nobody cares
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:36:57): We have been getting a lot of reports, and our team is on the case. I can see that this can be frustrating as it's taken some time already.
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:39:30): i cant see any relevant thread on ubi forum where i can find out when it ll be solved.
    Ubi-revking (01.12.2020, 19:39:58): When the fix is out, it will be posted there.
    Me (01.12.2020, 19:40:24): all what i can said that you didnt help me even near

    The problem wasnt solved and i even dont know if it ll be.
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