CO-OP, Guerilla and multiplayer modes are not working.

Inviting or joining friends games does not work. Playing together with friends is impossible.

Have tried port forwards, dmz blaa blaa. Point is i should not have to do any of that stuff.

YOU are selling a game on multiple PC store platforms, including your own. With the full knowledge (been since launch) that portions of the game are broken.

Seemingly abondoned with no proper fixes for these MAJOR issues within the game. Eager to take money from sales, not so quick to put it back in and fix the product.

If you are selling game with partial functionality (only single player) CLEARLY STATE IT!

I would urge for reimbursement but that's not going to happen, seems almost everyone who has bought this for PC has the same issues.

Bought 2 copies of it from a sale on indiegala, specifically to play coop.
I am planning to start a class action lawsuit, if nothing is done to fix the game or reimburse purchases of this clearly faulty product.