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    Warrior's Den March 8th

    No infodump yet but we do have word on the maintenance update that is coming in today https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...All-Platforms)

    Community questions from the forum

    Ngallo22: Can the zone attack have its own dedicated button? Maybe R3?

    I do not think many of us feel 100% confident throwing it out, which is an issue because we should feel 100% confident that a button will do its job.

    I know the "camera center" is R3 but i do not think many people use it. A button reconfiguration option would be useful with the option to make R3 a zone attack.

    Ngallo22: Change the "map vote" to also act as the "ready" button and remove the "ready" button, so selecting a map will also mean the player is ready.

    Not enough people choose a map, possibly they don't have the time to choose since they are deploying or changing gear.

    Soldier of Dawn: Could it be made possible to combine two( or more) effects on the same execution, idle, and emote slot in the future?

    Charmzzz: Question: Which Heroes are next for Reworks / Major Tweaks?

    Waynedetta4k: 1, Now that Guard Break after Parry isnt a thing anymore. Will there be changes to Guardbreak so it could be more than a counter to dodges. I mean making it more useful/harder to CGB?
    2, I heard about the Arena Mode, any new Information about that, I would like to know how it will work, like a winner stands mode? Iam waiting for that a year now!
    3, Whats the general Idea for the future in regards of making recovery times slower and attacks faster?

    Takuram: Would it be possible to make the "Extended Region" on the South American region to match with the whole American Continent?
    Our playerbase is too small, and our ping with north americans is ok ( I'm able to play everyday with them - by entering a foreign party - with no issues ).

    Brutal DaDo: 1) is there a chance to get tozen’s kick for orochi? 2) after all the reworks for the OG characters is there a chance to get a punch or maybe a knee to the stomach for berserker as an opener ?

    Tyrjo: Emote sound discrepancy

    One thing that has been confusing me for a long time is the emote sound discrepancy of what you hear yourself opposed to what your opponent hear.

    I find it an odd ball design choice that you only hear grunts yourself, but you opponent hear your character actually saying something. Why is this? I would like the devs explain to me why they designed it this way.

    Kamen42: Faction War - at the moment, Castles provide bonus only to one territory. What about spreading their effect to surrounding fields? Even if the effect is weaker for them. That way it would be easier to keep your territories and the swings in territory control would not be so big.

    Baggin As of right now parrying a zone counts as a heavy reward, in the future could you make it so that certain characters zone attacks like Pk, Orochi and Warden count as a lite so we can get the lite reward for it since they are harder to parry.

    Kryltic: When will we get the ability to apply the visuals of lower gear to higher gear? I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't want to keep a load of low gear items indefinitely.

    #1 : Could we tone down AoE direct damage feats, especially when team(s) are breaking ?
    #2 : Could we be allowed to vote on maps before match making ?
    #3 : Could you guys dial back on hyper armor and unblockables ?
    #4 : Could we remove the knockdown and + attack boost from revenge and greatly boost the defensive properties ?
    #5 : Could you deal with pixel bot cheaters, like a permanent realistic mode to remove indicators needed to cheat ?

    Pincopallino097: IS berserker a bit too strong now? Any little nerf coming?

    Gallow-: Do you plan to add embossing and colours pattern to Conq, PK, Cent and Glad helmets?

    Ngallow22: Kensei at times does not get the guaranteed light after a pommel strike.

    CandleInTheDark: Is there some way to rework dominion or individual maps in order to better reward teams that play the objective. It is a hot topic on the forums currently and while I am not one of those who look for "1v1 in all the game modes", on some of the more linear maps like the forge it seems that once a team holds two zones and forms into a rolling 4 man team it is difficult for the opposing team to recover even if one member does break away to try to capture objective points.

    Could we have an update on where the team are with getting team shuffle and join in end flow working together and how high a priority it is? While I get that join in end flow is the most useful in terms of continuing matches, I have wound up the only non ai onmy team and in the two and a half minutes it took for my team to be replaced with other players, we were 700-60 down.

    E1seNw0Lf: "Did the fight team ever thought about to let all heros have reflex guard? (means: no hero with permanent auto-guard)"

    Like Roman said in one of the earlier streams last year. When someone is starting to learn a material art, the first thing you learn is how to defend yourself (I did Wushu [including weapon training] for several years and a few others too)
    - I definitly agree on that. Be forced to actively keep up the guard myself at the very right moment is something I really enjoy in this game. It makes it more interesting to me and I feel it's something essential for this type of game.
    I think it could help a bit to engage the turtle mentality on several characters (whereas I dont like the typical assassin guard wiggle thingy) and the lack of some characters having no opener.

    matt89connor: if i can, i want to ask: there will be changes on 4v4 modes and gear stats in the future? i think a dance of death 4v4 1 round only will be amazing

    Klingons on the starboard bow! \m/<(-_-)>\m/

    For future reference Ubi could you not put two videos up then shut one of them down 35 seconds in? Please and thank you.

    Looks like Eric on his lonesome currently, Damien is in a meeting. no Roman.

    Damien is here!

    This week is apparently a pretty chill week. Damien and Roman are out somewhere else for two weeks from tomorrow. Apparently they do have a Q&A this week, I can hopefully knock some questions off my post which might now need its own post.

    Dedicated servers for everyone! You get dedicated servers, you get dedicated servers, EVERYONE gets dedicated servers!

    There are a few issues, grouping issues among them which they are working on.

    Rewards are likely coming for console next week, their guy for that is out.

    Some folks in Italy are having less than ideal circumstances, that's not a For Honour thing as much as infrastructure which they are actively investigating.

    No more resynchs or session migration, their numbers show zero percent. There are some bugs which they are working on, optimisation is a continuing process, they haven't just dropped them and left them.

    Live update this morning, afk timer went down to 45 seconds from 120, duel and brawl down to 30 seconds.

    Some middle eastern countries were being routed through Singapore servers, but there has been feedback that they prefer going through Europe as they were recently so part of it is to put Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain through Europe, anyone from there read this they want feedback on your experience.

    Exploit fixes, some cancelled attacks were coming out quicker than they should because the cancelled attack was not going as far as it should.

    Conqueror, unblockable was not being displayed on the shield uppercut after the flail uppercut.

    Shinobi's quad dodge exploit has been patched.

    They have some changes coming for ranked 4v4, there is more xp and steel for ranked 4v4, around 10% increase.Next week they will go back to dominion ranked as it was more popular than tribute and has been requested. This is the plan anyhow, they are testing. The other thing they want to do is ,they are tuning how they consider your personal score along with the win match results,there will be a higher value to the winning condition. They have a bonus of 25% when you go up in division so you don't fluctuate a lot between one division and another, this is being reduced to 10% they are still working on master rank,no eta on that for the moment. They do not know yet if they will reset current ranks with the mode change, depends on how many people have it. Dominion seems to be their bet for ranked 4v4 as that is their strongest 4v4. In the future they want to use ranked to source the top players for community workshops etc. They do have other ideas that they cannot yet speak on.

    New roadmap March to April (though there is a change to it)

    They had been planning on realistic dominion next week BUT they are pushing dominion ranked, they think it should go on the 23rd but it isn't validated so no guarantee. Dominion ranked will go 15th. Dominant executioner global order on the 16th.

    Xp fest on the 23rd

    Vanquisher rush on the 29th, that is another faction one.

    Dance of Death on the 5th of April, tribute vanquisher global event on the 13th.

    Plan on Arena mode is still the same, they are keeping a patch window in case they need a hotfix on servers and the arena patch will be a longer certification process once they start on that, as soon as servers are to their satisfaction they will push the Arena patch.

    Content of the week, battle outfits. The bundles are available until the 12th.

    Faction war

    Bio is here after this long after the faction war because the end date was friday, they are debating on changing campaign end to thursday morning or having ehr in the Den before it finishes.

    Vikings won, looking at the reasons why, they highlighted the volcano,even she says it is getting kind of ridiculous. It got isolated last campaign and the samurai took it because the assets tanked as a result. Knights are pretty much in a civil war on reddit over this.

    Last campaign knights had the lowest manual deploy since the banner came in at 45%

    Samurai played less matches, issue is they have the highest number, so they got hit double there. Each player also generates less assets based on performance on average compared to the other factions.

    Strategic territories, people got more involved over those, around 5% to before the territories. Knights stole more mills than the other two factions.

    Knights won the execution faction rush. Knights won across all platforms, they all had a different target for each platform due to population. An average across all platforms, knights executed more on average across each match.


    Roman and Damien will be away for two weeks, they wanted to get a Q&A in as there will not be then and it has been a while.

    Lag compensation: They are monitoring latency now servers are in and they are doing internal and external tests. They are close but they want to be sure they get it right.

    Bot level in dominion depends on the people they replace. In PVP the bots you face also depend on your PVP mmr. It is something they would like to change in terms of PvAI but it is not the top priority.

    Does Damien sleep? Not recently, he would like more!

    Does AFK time before kick start from spawn or when players die? They don't have the exact details,they are working on changing the afk system. Players should not be kicked out during the death period. Same in PvAI.

    What do the different notification indicators mean? There is a menu page in the game that that will show you the icons and the meanings. They tend to warn when something goes wrong such as high packet loss or latency.

    How does one contact Eric on Reddit? Eric suggests just posting it, you can tag him on mrericpope.

    A lot of devs play the game, they have ways to be recognised as they have an ubisoft ornament and symbol, though some don't wear those as it makes them a target.

    Will there be other character reworks in the future? They are working on those, all they intend to say on that today.

    NAT type does not matter in PVP, the symbol is there because they do use P2P in PvAI and custom.

    Why can't a match in tribute be found in very high activity? They discovered a bug that the displayed activity is not linked to the game mode but the same game mode family, ie battle has tribute and dominion. They are working on that. Activity is generally there for waiting time expectation though they do kill matchmaking after five minutes.

    When will they make neutral colour swatches available for attacker and defenders? Bio made the point that they made tests based on eye tracking, people don't tend to scan the screen as they tend to with shooters but they tunnel vision on their opponent, this is why they have definite colour choices. Right now there are no plans to do this.

    Test Your Metal permanent? Same as they discussed with dance of death, the thought is they think one of the things that makes it cool is it is not permanent, doesn't mean it can't come back(or will) but they want surprises and moments where tyou are doing something new. They can't keep everything that is cool because it would split the playerbase too much.

    Inventory space increase? For the moment still not something they can do. They haven;t found a solution that is viable in terms of performance. They do have something coming for people who save gear from lower tiers but still nothing to say on that.

    Can it be possible to change map vote? By a design choice, no, they don't want map vote cheesing where a group changes at the last second to screw expectations.

    Is it possible that event outfit drops can be based on the the character you are using? By doing this they would lower the drop rate, as it is you get something near every match. Bit annoyed that Bio seemed to misunderstand my question, i would never suggest that lower reputation players should not get the drops, I meant based on reputation across an individual's heroes but eh probably the same reasoning as Damien on weighting towards the hero you use I would guess..

    Anyhow on that note community corner and wrap.

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    I've got a question Candle.

    : As of right now parrying a zone counts as a heavy reward, in the future could you make it so that certain characters zone attacks like Pk, Orochi and Warden count as a lite so we can get the lite reward for it since they are harder to parry.
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    thanks for keeping my Q's on here Candle. Doesn't go unnoticed!
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    Just want to let you all know that I've passed along your questions.
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    When will we get the ability to apply the visuals of lower gear to higher gear?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't want to keep a load of low gear items indefinitely.
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    My big question: Are there more reworks coming in Season 5, or have we gotten what we should expect?
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    Short version :

    #1 : Could we tone down AoE direct damage feats, especially when team(s) are breaking ?
    #2 : Could we be allowed to vote on maps before match making ?
    #3 : Could you guys dial back on hyper armor and unblockables ?
    #4 : Could we remove the knockdown and + attack boost from revenge and greatly boost the defensive properties ?
    #5 : Could you deal with pixel bot cheaters, like a permanent realistic mode to remove indicators needed to cheat ?


    How about this week we talk about the real fun killers of this game and what's being done to improve player's experience within the game ??

    #1 : Feats : There is an overwhelmingly negative perception of big aoe instant damage feats like knight bombs / catapult / spearstorm. When team(s) are breaking, those feats totally ruins the end game climax. It leaves a bitter taste for the losing team and doesn't really provide an actual feeling of deserving the victory for the winning team. So ... what's being done to change that ?? Have you considered going into "sudden death" mode when a team starts breaking where feats becomes unusable ??

    #2 : Maps : It's no secret Sentinel and Forge are two very hated maps. Yet, Ubisoft current matchmaking forces these 2 maps regularly on players. Furthermore, between matches, most players just leaves, leaving no option for those who stay to actually vote on the map they want to play on because they are being thrown back into matchmaking. So ... are there any plans to allow player to vote for their map of choise BEFORE matchmaking ??

    #3 : Hyper Armor / Unblockables : It feels like it's everwhere in Dominion ... It's overwhelmingly everywhere. Hyper Armor on the new very popular classes makes it a real headache to actually fight, even for good player. Interrupting those strong attacks with quicker one was actually a gameplay people seemed to be enjoying based on the comments I read on these forums (interrupting with quicker attacks =/= light attack spam). As for the outbreak of unblockables, it's making ganks in Dominion pure cancer to deal with and contributing to the negative perception players have of this mode even tho it's by far the most popular one. Question : Are there any plans to dial back on those properties ??

    #4 : Revenge : I can't count the number of time in Dominion I guardbreak someone and as I'm throwing my garanteed heavy attack, a teamate hits my target with a light attack which procs his revenge and I get knocked on the ground by the revenge activation. This is fine ... but what isn't fine is the fact some heroes like orochi will get 2 boosted top heavy before I can stand up, basically killing me 100% - 0% in the process. This is not fine. Revenge was supposed to be a tool to give you breathing room before your teamate arrives to the rescue. So does it make sense to give such a huge attack boost along with a knockdown ??

    Question : Would it be possible to change revenge to give a MASSIVE SHIELD and immunity to damage during the activation ; but remove the knockdown and the attack boost so you dont instantly murder someone caught by the activation ?? This would help relieve some of the frustration of having an ally "help" you against someone ... Also, about realism ... it makes absolutely no sense at all to see all attackers suddenly back away from a target just because he's about to go full on revenge mode rawr !!

    #5 : Cheaters : I talk about it often on the forums and Ubisoft is pretty good for never talking about it. Pixel Bot programms are a plague at high elo in this game. For those who dont know, it's a programm that will detect certain color of pixel on the screen and trigger an automatic input when it happens... like automatically blocking in the right direction or counter guardbreaking 100% of GB attempts. Nobody is good enough to counter GB a stealth shinobi coming from behind when you're locked against 2 other opponent, I dont buy it. As you play against the same people again and again, you clearly start seeing a patern on who'S using those programms. The easy fix would be to make a permanent "realistic" mode that get rid of those pixel on the screen, basically removing the ability of those pixel bot cheaters to cheat.

    Question : Knowing pixel bot is a thing, what can we do to fight back against those cheaters ruining other player's experience ??
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    All up

    Originally Posted by UbiJurassic Go to original post
    Just want to let you all know that I've passed along your questions.
    Thank you, I am debating between keeping them up or just putting up the newer ones past the point you or another rep say they have been passed on, I like to have them there so people know hey they've not been forgotten about on here but they are starting to get as long as an actual recap lol. Alternatively from next week I think I am going to double post so the first below the recap is questions from the community.
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    Please add this: IS berserker a bit too strong now? Any little nerf coming?
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