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    Double NAT Type resolved! Xbox one

    I recently changed my ISP to a wireless ISP (WISP). With this I encountered a strange thing I had never seen before. A double NAT type. This made it impossible to host games for friends and repeatedly kicked from matches. After some research I figured out what it meant exactly. WISP use a specific modem that converts the radio wave from the coaxial cable to a CAT 5 cable. This modem also designates a NAT type for your IP address. With this setup you almost always have to supply a personal router to establish a wireless gateway and LAN ports for devices you wish to be hard wired. The problem occurs with the additional personal router which also assigns a NAT type which creates the stacked pair. This NAT type dilemma only really matters when it comes to online gaming. If you also see a double NAT type in your consoles network settings I have discovered a solution that has changed mine from double strict to open. There are only a few simple steps:

    1: call WISP and have them place your IP in a DMZ, this allows your IP to run through the modem with no filtering. Word of caution though this also bypasses the firewall and can leave your WAN prone to security breaches, however your personal router should have its own firewall settings thus negating this issue.

    2: assign your Xbox a static IP address. In your personal router settings under advanced setting and LAN settings should be an option to reserve an IP. Once you find this you will need to turn on your Xbox and go to network settings and write down your IP address and MAC, no need to change any settings on your Xbox leave everything on automatic. Back to the router you will reserve the IP as specified by your Xbox, you may need to type in the MAC address as well. Once this is done it just means that every time you turn your Xbox on your router designates that same IP each time.

    3: last step is to take that reserved IP and place it into your personal routers DMZ thus bypassing your routers NAT and also getting rid of the necessity to port forward, the dmz allows the Xbox to access all ports whenever necessary. Which if any port forwarding is activated be sure to turn those settings off. By placing your Xbox static IP in the DMZ you prevent the rest of your secure network from lack of a firewall.

    4: after completing all settings perform a hard reset on all routers and your Xbox. Check NAT type in network settings and hopefully you have the same success as I! Good luck friendly gamers!
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    Thanks for that step by step guide kevinisarab77.

    We also have an FAQ on this here:


    But, again thank you, hopefully your steps can help future players coming to our forums seeking help

    - Cheers
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