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    Doesn't save correctly

    I started PC gaming in the late 80s with Might and Magic 2.
    I was excited to play MMX.
    But barely into the game when a message/error popped up IN GAME saying something about not being able to save or access saves.
    When I save, it looks like it works correctly but then the save isn't there when you go to load.
    Interestingly, F5 Quicksave DID work but obviously that was risky to only have quicksave... Still I was able to progress.
    Now even that capability has seemingly gone away for no reason...
    Like regular saves, F5 Quicksave looks like it's working, but now the save doesn't appear anywhere.
    And honestly, what is wrong with this website? I have to wait 3-5 seconds between typing letters or they don't register....it's 100% annoying. This message took me 15 minutes at this point.
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    It sounds more like you are having issues with your personal system. I have no trouble accessing this website. Did you use a custom install location?
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    Hey I'd appreciate any help. Not having any real system issues. The website is doing the same thing today.... you cannot type fast / normal pace or keys don't register 25% of the time.... Its like you have to wait 1 second between letters.

    Otherwise it starts to look like this: otherwise it startsto look like his : otherwiseit starts look like this; otherwise it starts o look like thi
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    BACK to not being able to save.... I have Steam installed on D drive, where MMX is located. Windows is on C drive. Occasionally C-drive can become full with temp files etc. My only thought is maybe C: was full at the time of trying to save, and that broke MMX ability to save correct. Since then I have reduced the size of C drive and it's still not saving correctly. All game work fine. This just doesn't make sense bc shouldn't it also be storing my save game in cloud? Sync or no sync in U-play seems to make o difference.
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